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I want stimulus to succeed

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I want the humongous stimulus package - whatever it ends up being after conference committee - to succeed. I want it to do the trick and help bring our economy back. I did not and do not support this pork-laden package, but it's what we have.

Now that it's a foregone conclusion that it will pass in pretty much the form we have (the magnitude in terms of dollars), I want all the politics of fear to stop. I want the Obama Administration to stop driving the economy even further down by continuing to spread their rhetoric about catastrophic consequences. The economy may not be the greatest, but we're a long way from bread lines.

The Administration needs to begin to talk positively about where we are and where this will take us. It needs to give us hope and confidence. As long as this "catastrophic" talk continues, people will continue not to have confidence in our country's economy, and the lack of confidence (and the fear they are driving) will mean that people will hold onto their money even longer ... and we need people to spend (wisely) to help prop up and get the economy going again.

Don't be confused ... I do not support all of President Obama's policies, and I believe he is taking us toward a socialistic economy and society. I want THAT to fail, in those terms.

Now that we have it, I want the stimulus to work ... and work now.

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Lets see. Before the election you mocked his messages of hope and change. Now you want them back.

I still mock empty messages of "hope and change." I don't want that back.

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