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Mr. Scot

My Story

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Regarding some things I've said of late, some already know, a few have figured out the basics but not the specifics, and others may have been wondering, so I'll give you the basics at this point in time.

A few years back, I was worried when an MRI found four "white spots" in my head that doctors couldn't identify. They took a second MRI a little later and found no change, so they chalked it up to just the structure of my brain and nothing more was made of it.

But then, over the past several months, I started having health issues. The primary issues were general weakness, sometimes adding in dizziness and nausea, occasional pain and cognitive lapses as well. I attributed all that mainly to me getting older, but then one day I woke up and was so weak I could barely move. Decided it was time to check things out, and wound up seeing a neurologist who ordered a new MRI.

They found more spots this time. Thirty more to be precise.

Right now, they believe those spots to be lesions, and the likely cause - taking into account my other symptoms - is multiple sclerosis.

It's not firmly diagnosed yet, so there are still other possibilities, but this is the most likely one. I go tomorrow for a spinal tap which, hopefully, should tell the tale (and which I fully expect to be unpleasant afterward, but you do what you have to).

I won't try to educate anyone reading this on MS, except to say that while it's not the sort of thing that would kill you directly, complications from it can be life altering. As it's been explained to me, my immune system is attacking my brain and spinal cord. There are treatments for that, but no cure. It's one of those things you just live with. Sadly for me, since there's not a confirmed diagnosis yet, I'm not yet being treated even for the symptoms. Next visit to the doctor is mid-April. Guessing I'll get my final diagnosis then. In the meantime, just have to wait and hope for the best.

Some may remember that we have another board member who has that particular problem also. We've been in touch, and I've appreciated the help and encouragement she's given. From what I know, she's an example that it's possible to keep something like this from controlling your life. I hope to do as well as her in that regard, once I can finally be treated.

Again, this still may wind up being something else, but right now I'm being philosophical and making plans for dealing long term. Could it be something worse? I suppose, but I'm not going that route right now.

Now this next paragraph contains religious content, so if you don't want to read that sort of thing, feel free to ignore it. Its who I am though, so it'd be a little silly for me not to discuss that aspect.

People might wonder how someone could believe in a God that could give them something like this. Well, the way I see it, all the good things I've received - including my life itself, which has been pretty good - come from God too. None of us lives forever in these bodies, and I wouldn't really want to. My close Christian friends are a big help to me right now, so I really shouldn't complain.

In any case, that's the basic story. When I have more info, I'll share. Till then, I'm certainly not the only one with issues, and there are plenty of folks who have it way worse than I do.

But that's my story right now. And at least for the moment, I'm stickin' to it :D

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Good luck, I hope it's something small and simple.

It'd be nice :)

I think about that when the symptoms ease up, but the MRI would make it seem unlikely.

Thanks guys :thumbsup:

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Damn Scot. I'm truly sorry to hear this.

I'll put a request or two in with the man for you.

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Sorry to hear Mr.Scott, be sure to keep fighting it any way you can. Keep strong and positive, good vibes to you.

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