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Aintsaint    0

back when i was a Divorce', i.e. Hot to Trot. I met two chicks on match. Both gave sex.

Good site.

of course, one became somewhat of a stalker.

Hmmmmmm is that where I got the STD????

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charlotte49er    100

I recently reactivated my profile on Match.com.

I was on there for less than a month when my site got hacked and match took it down and deleted it! I was actually chatting with a couple of nice women, but they lived in Jacksonville, NC. Match said, I could rebuild my site/page, but so far, I haven't done it.

Last Thursday, my eBay site got hacked as well. They posted 5,000 items for sale in about 15 minutes. (How were able to do that is amazing! It would take me a month post that many for sale!)

Ran my charges owned up over $12,500! Fortuantely ebay locked my account and corrected everything in about 24 hours.

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