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What say you huddlites?!

I am thinking about buying one or the other for my Xbox 360, but can't decide which.

I currently have Rockband 1 on the Wii that we picked up cheap for my son because I had no clue both me & the wife (and the neighbors) would love playing it as much as we do. So decided to get a newer edition for the xbox but I can't decide!!

Personally I am leaning toward Guitar Hero because of the playlist & the cymbals on the drum kit. Is there a freestyle mode for the drums??

Anyways feel free to weigh in -- and any insight is appreciated!

:grouphug: :D

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UPDATE: Doing my research during my lunch here and here are my thoughts so far.

Now leaning toward RB2 because I hear the instruments are junk in Guitar Hero & you can get a cymbal pack add on from Mad Catz! :thumbsup:

Also the song list ain't bad for RB2 either!!

JBro - What your experience with the instruments with GH??

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Well I bought RB with the cymbal expansion pack!

Haven't played it yet -- just got done unboxing. Compared to the original game, I am already impressed with the instruments!! The kick Pedal was a huge upgrade and the drum pads are a lot quieter than its predecessor.

Looking forward to playing especially coming from playing on the Wii!

Oh BTW -- the reason I decided to go with RB was because I can use these instruments with GHWT, so it's like a win-win, IMO.

Also my game experience is with RB already!!

Thanks Jbro for your opinion, I just wished more would have answered!!

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I definitely prefer RB (even though I play both) for my fake drummin. Here's why...

1. I find GH:WT's interface to be harder to read. The kick pedal notes are indicated in purple on a dark background. When the action heats up, I find myself struggling to recognize the pattern of the bass notes.

2. I hate the way you deploy star power on drums...I inevitably lose my note streak trying to hit both cymbals while in the middle of a song.

3. The difficulty doesn't seem right to me on drums either. Hard is too easy but on expert, you fail out very quickly whereas RB gives you more of a chance to get back on track.

4. The simple fact that RB has many more songs (of varying quality) available to download allows for a much more diverse experience as well.

Also, I hate GH's singing interface as well. I sing fairly often in RB and hated it so much in GH, that I haven't sung in that game since the first time I tried it.

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It's not really a heated debate anymore. People pretty much stopped defending the GH series when World Tour came out. It's a shame, but the game sucked :(

Oh well, that's what Activision does.. take a great idea and just keep making the same game until people refuse to buy it anymore.. cough*Tony Hawk*cough

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