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Obama plan aims to lower mortgages, foreclosures

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Oh perfect. Lets loan even more money to the banks on top of the 350M they received a few months ago, only for them to continue giving out loans to unqualified people. Brilliant.

I still dont understand the concept behind rewarding people for irresponsibile behavior.

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OK. There are close to 7-9 million people. Lets quit lumping the irresponsible with those who have simply hit some tough times outside of their control.

Man we can be so self righteous some time.

There is simply no way to know.

The goal behind this plan, right or wrong, is to STABLIZE the current market and buy time.

I like it. You have to be outside the box in times like this. That will be a load off a ton of families until they can see better days.

Here is what I find ironic. Those that beat their chests(not saying the huddle but on the radio etc) about paying on time and blah blah, well, what have you done for these folks BEFORE the mess?

Im more a libertarian in some ways but I also understand being flexible and creative to solve problems.

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