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Alex Henery = Wayne Gretzky

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A lot of you may not like hockey as a sport, but you can't deny that it is one. And Wayne Gretsky was the best.

Coming out of OMJHL it wasn't Wayne's skating skills that had WHA scouts salivating. It was his scoring, as well as his Hockey ready name that made him the player he is today.

Alex is no M. Vick or Locker for that matter when it comes down to speed, and us Hen Huggers aren't trying to dispute that, but what the haters don't get is that it's not about how fast he is. It's more about how fast he can kick you in the nuts. He's fast and elusive enough to out run any Defensive Lineman, and yet he is a Kicker, so if a defender pisses him off he can kick him in the nuts with ease.

In conclusion - Gretzky may not have the best jumper in the game, but nobody jumps in hockey, they score. Same with Alex, he may not be the most accurate QB out there, but who cares, Kickers always lead the league in scoring anyways. Just like Gretzky.

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Do you mean Mark Henry??


PS- lot's of wrestling pics by me today :nonod:

Sexual Chocolate was nowhere near the Punter that Gretzky was. :coolgleamA:

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