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They could have cut most of Dany's and Jon's story this season. They got a lot of screen time and did fug all with it. Dany "Where are my dragons"?! and Jon looking gormless in the snow. Could have done with less of that.

well it is still a TV show. I wonder how much of the fan reaction to things dictates the "reworking" for TV. I mean I was a big LOST fan and fan reaction directly impacted what they did with characters. For example, they had worked up a big story line for 2 characters.....fans hated them immediately, then they killed them off instead.

Dany and Jon are "TV fan favorites". So maybe that had something to do w/ what comes off as pointless from the viewpoint of someone who had read the books?

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So I'm about 3/4ths of the way through the 4th book and it is pretty disappointing. The third book was amazing, but I feel like it is a chore to read the 4th. Does the 5th get any better or more of the same?

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5th book isn't the quality of the 3rd but its definitely easier to read than the 4th. i put off reading the 4th for at least 4 years until i absolutely had to read it right before the 5th book came out. took me 3 weeks to read the 4th book, but i blew through the 5th book in less than 5 days.

much easier read, but still not as good as the 3rd

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Season 3 airs 3/31/13!

poo ton of new cast announced today

Tormund Giantsbane = Kristofer Hivju


Jojen Reed = Thomas Brodie-Sangster


Meera Reed = Ellie Kendrick


Thoros of Myr = Paul Kaye


Bryndon Tully = Clive Russell


Berric Dondarrion = Richard Dormer


Also announced so far are: Orell (the warging wildling), Selyse and Shireen Baratheon, Olenna Tyrell, Missandei, Anguy (archer of the BWOB), Edmure Tully and Qyburn...


Already itching for more info on season 3 now...

Also of recent news, Liam Cunningham (Davos) signed a 6 year contract extension... Sure, it probably has a clause about nullifying it should HBO cancel at some point, but it is at least a good sign that they don't plan, at current, for the show to be going anywhere...

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Finally got around to watching this show. I finished both seasons in less than 3 days. I'm absolutely obsessed haha.

My 5 favorite characters right now are probably Jon Snow, Arya, the Khaleesi, Tyrion, and Jaqen.

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I actually have some questions too.

I wanna read the books up to where I am right now in the show. Do the books go by seasons? Like if I read the first two books, would I be at the same spot as I am in the show?

And one more thing. I'm craving this sh*t now, so can anyone suggest another bomb ass series somewhat similar to GOT? I've heard Spartacus, so I'll probably try that out, but are there others?

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