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I typed these mostly off the top of my head, I am guilty of not doing it all the time but some of you I really do question if you know the difference...

use your when you are referring to ownership/possession

use you're as a contraction for 'you are'

use to as a preposition

use too as an adverb (meaning also, as well, along with, to extent, more)

use there as a place or destination

use their referring to ownership/possession

use then as an adverb labeling labeling a time (then has 'e' like when)

use than in conjunction/comparisons (than has 'a' like compare)

use accept meaning to receive something

use except as a preposition meaning to exclude

use effect as a noun

use affect as a verb

A joke I am not so sure:

use no as an answer or decision

use know meaning you have learned something

"I couldn't care less" is the proper term not "I could care less", think about that one.

"Irregardless" is a double negative, it is NONSTANDARD aka used enough by illiterates (has enough hsitory) to not be insulting but is not a standard word. Regardless is correct. Ir mean no, so you're saying no not regarding (double negative).

Those who flame most likley got helped the most.

Feel free to add, I am sure those who need it most would never google it.

You're welcome, JOAT.

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