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Got Some More Info Tonight

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NJPanthers12    1,305

Great job man!!! Thanks for the info. I have one question though, how did they feel after the draft? I've always wondered what the front office feels like after walking away from a draft and seeing what they came away with. I know it's no comparison but sometimes when I step back and look at what I did in a fantasy football draft I'm like "what was I thinking"...kinda like I was caught up in the moment. Just wondering how they feel and if they got the players they wanted. It really seemed to me that they followed their board and picked guys when they needed to...this was really a "need" draft instead of a luxury draft.

They felt good about the draft like you would expect, got every position they were targeting. They planned on getting a CB high and signing a RG through free agency, but after the draft they feel they sured up the o-line and will look for a CB.

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jtm    248

Keeping Marshall would be huge. Seems like JR's master plan is coming together.

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SOJA    5,413

Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. After last season, I feel like the Panthers owe the fans a little something, so a little inside info couldn't hurt.

I completely agree on Marshall, he is overrated and wants too much money for what he is worth. He was a great nickel corner and is a great tackler, but his man coverage is suspect. Godfrey took a lot of heat for Marshall's blown coverages.

I also want to add how solid I think our secondary could be if we could add a good corner through free agency or next year's draft. If Munnerlyn and Hogan are 3 and 4, and we can add a stop-gap guy through free agency I will be very pleased.

Also I remember reading somewhere that Meek's cover-2 scheme utilized more zone than man for the corners and that Gamble didn't like that because he is a better man corner. Will McDermont/Rivera's defense be more man coverage or not?

Finally, I feel like I'm only asking questions about the secondary, but wtf happened with Gamble last year? Is it a future problem, or a dispute with Fox? I pray the latter

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