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LOL Cleveland

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I've got a great story for you to lead the draft weekend column. When Cal defensive end Cameron Jordan was taking a tour through his new business home -- the New Orleans Saints practice facility in Metairie, La. -- on Saturday, his cell phone rang.

"Hi,'' said the voice on the other end. "Jordan? This is the Cleveland Browns. We're getting ready to pick you ... ''

"Uh, yeah, this is Cameron Jordan,'' he said. "The Saints already picked me.''

There was an awkward pause, and Cameron Jordan said: "I think you mean Jordan Cameron, you're looking for Jordan Cameron. That's not me.''

Cameron Jordan, the 24th pick in the draft, then hung up the phone. And the Cleveland Browns, presumably, found the number for USC tight end Jordan Cameron, phoned him, and made him the 102nd pick in the draft.

Well, they're both from the Pac-10.


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If the situation had been reversed, it would have been so much funnier.

"Oh, wait, you're Jordan Cameron? Oops. We meant to call Cameron Jordan. We want him with the 24th pick. Sorry, we're not drafting you. Pfft, you're not even projected to go for another 2 rounds."

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