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We have a GREAT owner!! Hats off to JR

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This guy is just really awesome! He's there for everything dealing with this lockout. He handed Cam that playbook with a quickness, which is allowing Cam to work 12 hour days down in FL, and has allowed (cringe) Weinke to work with him in the playbook.

We will have a HUGE advantage when it comes to picking up undradted free agents as well... Think about it... Jerry will be THERE in. The room when the lockout is lifted!! He undoubtedly already has the list of players we want.

All he'll have to do is call Marty and Co. And tell them to call them and sign them right then! Nobody else will even know that it's lifted before him and few others, we'll hear breaking news on ESPN or a tweet from Schefter and by that time we'll have the players that we've been targeting!

He's already looking like a Genius with the Cam pick...

I'm just very grateful to have him as our owner especially since he is a former player. The more I think about the end of the lockout the more excited I get.

I have a strong feeling that our franchise will do something very special this season! It's gonna be a GREAT year to be a Panthers fan!!!!

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Hmmm, interesting.

Not sure if that was what JR was planning. Even if it's by accident, we stand to gain from it.

Not sure about getting an early start on the FA's and it working but the Cam angle would be pure genius.

As far as the season (if we have one) is concerned, I have been saying that we will make the playoffs. I have scientific and religious data to back that up.

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In all seriousness i think JR caught a bad rap for last season. No doubt the choices he made didnt go as well as he would had hoped, but they weren't terrible choices. As much as I hated watching the debacle last season it does show strong evidence that JR is committed to his plans and will back them up. So with a new #1 pick I'm sure he do as he has said and get the right support behind the team. Good things to come

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