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Sporting News Panthers Preview

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Posted 16 June 2011 - 03:55 PM

So John Fox takes over a 1-15 team and wins 7, yet he's just terrible. And Rivera, who's a genius, will be lucky to win 4 games?

Huddle logic at it's best. :)

BTW, my best guess is that we start Clausen and finish with Newton, and we probably better last year's production by a touchdown per game. Defense stays roughly the same. Schedule looks hard right now, but since most of the teams on there are supposed to be good then we'll probably catch a break and instead of losing to someone who's supposed to be lousy we'll beat someone who should have been better.

Regardless, it's going to be a fun year. I don't think we make the playoffs, but the team is still young and there's going to be a lot of opportunities to see a play here and there and look forward to the future. And forget Luck, the last team to get back to back #1 picks was the 2000 and 2001 Browns, it's HARD to be that awful two years running.

Finally! And the core we have now is tremendously better than the core we had back then. But it is better to underestimate and overachieve than overestimate and underachieve.

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Posted 16 June 2011 - 04:02 PM

You may be spot on about Newton's starting. I can only guess.

2010 was a psychological catastrophe for Jimmy Clausen, the season began with his optimism and ended with him standing alone, without confidence, apologizing for the 2010 season. Who else (other than Delhome, Lucas, or Bright) has the all-too-eager blame finger of Steve Smith emasculated more? Jimmy showed some mental toughness by keeping more composure than J. Russel or V. Young did.

First, I'd give Jimmy a second chance, because we aren't heading for the playoffs, all Jimmy has to do is forget last year and improve. I personally feel it would be a mistake of bias to assume that Jimmy cannot. If Jimmy proves as his detractors suspect that he cannot even perform as a competent backup to Newton, that information will become obvious and valuable to the Panthers, as we can begin seeking a replacement for him.

Second, I'd insulate the capable but inexperienced Newton from the same kind of psychological catastrophe that Clausen faced if at all possible. Personnel decisions like switching a starter seem much worse to fans when they are repeated, then they do the first time they are made. Considering that, Cam Newton may be too expensive not to consider his psychological stability and confidence before putting him on the field. And we don't even know what our strengths are going to be at the beginning of the season. Would it not be better to hand Newton the reigns after we know what we can/cannot do?

Cam is a proven is a winner, and we need him to continue to believe that about himself no matter what. We need him to ride the wave of confidence, not get knocked off of it and try to get back on. That, we should leave for Jimmy. It's the cards he was dealt, and he has to make the most of that. If Cam sees Jimmy fail as starter, then it will be easier for him to believe that he has earned the right to be where he is. And Cam should never be a starter by draft-right. All players have to earn their right to play to get respect from their teammates. If Cam is put on the field while Jimmy sits in envy, waiting for his second chance, then every small failure may eat away at Cam. If Cam starts over Jimmy without ever having played a single NFL game and fails early, Jimmy may come back and play better than anyone expected. In that case, the coaching staff looks lame for not knowing who the better QB was, and for putting Cams ego at risk before he was ready. That would be irrespsonsible.

well, I don't know if Cam starts right away or not.....could be the vet just as easy. Jimmy hate aside, I just don't see how Rivera can start him for a host of reasons over the other two.

The keys are meant for Cam.....Rivera either gives them to him or the vet test drives the car for a bit. Rivera will start Cam when Cam is ready to take lumps and learn. I think only injury would force Cam off the field next year once he starts.