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And if we don't make a Free agent splash at midnight...

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In the end it all comes down to Lucas. The FO has made it clear that their plans for next season include Peppers and all other starters are back. Thus any free agent moves will be for backups.

With Hangman probably leaving and Vincent being oft injured and a FA after this season, it wouldn't surprise me if OG/C is now the second biggest current need for this team behind another DT.

DE and CB needs are all contingent on Lucas and Peps future.

Vincent did have a history of groin injuries but he was the only one that didn't get hurt and miss games until the very end of the season this year. If he fully recovers he should be fine. But we could definitely use some back-ups.

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if were getting a wideout my votes for mike furrey,cheap and very underrated.(maybe not that much underrated).

as far as cb i hear this mcfadden guy deserves a look.

and there's a slew of dt to choose from,all we need is a backup or a guy who can give kemo and lewis a run for there money.

that's pretty much it,unless someone feels he urge to look qb,i finally starting to get over the 5 ints thing so i'm good where we stand.

i really want mike furrey though,hope we pick him up

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hurney is not up right now, he probably turned in for the night, lol. had a sleepytime tea and everything.


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