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Roy Williams, anybody?? Anybody?!?

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Upon seeing the thread title, I wasn't sure which Roy Williams we were speaking about.

Then I realized that it doesn't matter, because I don't really want to see either in a Panthers uniform.

haha yea one can't catch and the other can only make cheap shots at players. Anyone see when R. Williams was on cribs? he reminds me of the waterboy

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I actually like Roy Williams as a person. IMO he never seemed like he meshed well with the whole Dallas group of players. Its true that he is horrible in coverage as a safety, kind of what I would expect Davis to be like if they didn't switch him to LB. I wouldn't mind seeing him brought in as a backup if the money wasn't too high. Of course right now there is no money at all to spend so I doubt that even happens.

Overall, Williams was way over rated a few years back. I think that left a bad taste with some. But he isn't as bad as some have made him out to be. Being over rated doesn't mean you have no skill at all. The guy made three pro-bowls so to say he flat out sucks is a bit over the top IMO.

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