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    • Continuing my thing with added effect you ungrateful son of a beach!  And precursor people: I'm having FUN with this.  Getting a lil' crazy, so feel free to berate me and offer your top-8 predictions as well.   If I wanted to get pie, I would pick 1-Fournette 2-Obi 2-Basham 3-T. Taylor 4-Kittle etc. but nahhhhh; I'm back from Swami's Cove sipping on a Kiwi Sour Ale ready to create mock draft magica!       Mock Top-8: 1-Brown-Myles Garrett (DE) This is not going to be a surprise QB.  Garrett is a lock.   2-49ers-Leonard Fournette (RB) Early surprise pick.  I believe Lynch at the end of the day wants the biggest impact to give life to the nonexistent offense in SF. If they don't trade down, they need to take Fournette here. Their fans want it and their FO has sounds serious about him.   3-Bears-DeShaun Watson (QB) I'm buying the rumors that Pace really likes Watson.  He has hinted at it a few times now (as much as they love Jamal Adams, this could happen).   4-Jaguars-Solomon Thomas (DL) They're undoubtedly looking at Fournette hard but there is a strong possibility for Thomas here.  I don't think Coughlin wants to waste a high pick on a QB when about 2-3 of the top QBs smell like another Bortles.  I'm disregarding reports that the top-4 teams apparently want a QB now. The Jags also have a big need here on their DL.   Thomas would be a good fit in JAX.  5-Titans-They run to the podium to take Jamal Adams (SS) and don't end up in a trade scenario, but now things get shaken up... 6-TRADE!-Browns (from Jets)-Mitch Trubiski (QB) I truly think the Jets are scared of taking a QB high.  That is also one lost organization so my best guess is that they trade down.   7-Chargers-Malik Hooker (FS)-Unless they surprise everyone like last year, I think this is one of the most likely destinations for Hooker (Sleeper pick: Someone trades up for McCaffrey)     And now... Draft time...   8-Panthers....Ladies and gentleman, this is how we get Gareon Conley CB OHIO STATE.   NOTE: A scenario could be a potential trade down with Arizona at 13 (who would want ahead of the Bills & Saints for Mahomes) so I will add a hypothetical 45th pick.   ...and yes, over McCaffrey and Howard.  Zod's rumors about him being the sleeper pick have me thinking this happens if our top-3 are gone (which I find likely).  We're staying put at 8 and taking Conley, the fans are shocked, but we suddenly have a top secondary in the league.  The last 2 SB champs were pretty darn good back there so let's try making our secondary awesome again.     2-8- TJ Watt SAM/DE Wisconsin 6'4 255  This could end up being a hugely important pick for us.  Given the top-100 talent in this draft, the potential prospects available here may be comparable to our recent 1st rounders in Vernon and Shaq.  I really want offense but we need to capitalize on this as much as the 8th overall.  Stick with the pick and don't move.  I think Godwin and Njoku are gone but we've got an excellent pool to pick from.   Watt could be a really interesting fit into the defense.     (POTENTIAL TRADE PICKUP) 2-13- Dion Dawkins T/G Temple 6'5 314 35 arms 9 7/8 hands Watch out for a potential OL in the 2nd folks.  It's not the most ideal draft for a tackle but there are two swing lineman prospects that could be sitting right around the top of the 2nd for us in Dion Dawkins and Dorian Johnson.  I'm just saying.  Reddick (LB) is the popular Temple prospect but Dawkins could be darn good in the NFL. "I don't know if I see him as a guard or a tackle yet, but I think he can play both. I like him because I think he could upgrade our pass protection inside if we did bump him to guard, but he's athletic enough to play right tackle, too." -- AFC West scout"  (NFL.COM) Oher is a question mark, Kalil needs a revival, and we don't know how Darryl Dubs will progress.  Plus, a G/C backup in Tyler Larsen is our best depth.  Watch out.       2-32- Curtis Samuel WR/OW Ohio State | 5'11 198 4.31 40   With Ross' 40 time, people are forgetting about the other speedy guys and Gettleman repeated the speed notion about 30 times in his presser.  What I like about Samuel is that he seems to play at a higher level the higher the stakes and is a straight up playmaker.  He may not be the best WR in the draft but we like these Buckeye prospects and go with two in this draft.  Zay, Godwin, & Taywan are great talents but I think Samuel could fit nicely.     3-TRADE UP!! from 4-8- Marcus Maye SS/FS Florida 5 top-100 picks.  Since we have another extra early pick, it makes me think we'd like to package our later rounds to move up into the 3rd to grab a guy we want that may still be available.  5 picks in the first 3 rounds would be huge in this draft and it's not out of realm of possibility.  Maye would fit really nicely into the safety situation here and is coming from a proven NFL caliber secondary program.  He's just a really solid player.  Toughness, ballhawk, good in-game mentality.  Reminds me a bit of Miles Killebrew.       3-COMP- Brian Hill RB Wyoming 6'1 219  Now I don't think he's the flashiest RB prospect out there but he seems to have a good feel to the game and will stick with whichever team drafts him.  I also like Jeremy McNichols and Wayne Gallman quite a lot.  Early contributors with down the road starter potential.  Hill could be a very good NFL starter.  Let's find a Jordan Howard.      Intermission Moving along...   Mid/Late-Round- Jeremy Sprinkle TE ARKANSAS 6'5 252 Underrated and this guy has great size.  Sprinkle could garnish off the draft quite well...   SLEEPER WATCH- Deatrich Wise Jr. DE ARKANSAS - 6'5 274 35 3/8 arms 10 1/2 hands My sleeper of the draft.  Relentless type that would be a perfect developmental guy.  You can see why he needs to grow; develop his move set and better utilize his size, but, I see a ton of potential with some first year impact ability in Wise.  
        /End We make moves.  Also--I want offense early, but man, I'm seeing a lot of 1-2 scenarios with defensive talent falling for us.  Bottom line: I think we should try to get another 1 or 2 picks in the first 3 rounds.  That would be big.  This team needs an enthusiastic injection of awesomeness.     My notable draft surprises/non-surprises: -Nate Peterman (QB) goes top-20 -The Jets make Jets like moves   And now with my sign off (It is still awesome even a week or so past the release!!!):   In Summary: Conley CB | Watt DE | Dawkins RT | Samuel WR | Maye S | Hill RB | Sprinkle TE    
    • Oh I misinterpreted what you were meaning. I, too, believe that if a RB is there he's the pick. What happens if no RB is there? Howard probably.