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(Last Year) How ignoring the wide receiver position could doom the Carolina Panthers

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I think that "frank and beans" guy from Something About Mary wrote this article.

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I never knew you could just make a thread and put a link to it. All this time I thought you'd have to put some type of work into a thread. Silly me.

As far as the article. I don't believe the Panthers will be doomed. Olsen/Shockey alone will make defenses single cover Smith, giving him room to make work of the CB covering him. Also, with LaFell and Gettis showing flashes. This team is going to be fine. I'm not even mentioning Armanti at the moment until he makes it up the depth chart. He's still promising with what's he doing. Then let's not forget Darvin Adams. He was Cam's guy, there's already chemistry there.

I wouldn't say we're set, but I'd rather give the young guys the opportunity to make a name for themselves. One of them is bound to emerge and become a household name.

Now CB that's another story, that's the position that needs to be addressed right now. Even if they don't do so, next year's CB's are very good. Dre Kirkpatrick should be our 1st round pick to be honest.

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. Whether owner Jerry Richardson did this due to the impending lock out or simply because he did not want to spend the money, it is crippling the franchise. Jon Fox is almost certain to lose his job at the end of the year

Horrible and outdated. Get this poo outta here.

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I don't think we're all that bad at the WR position. There's no way we can judge them by what happened last year. Give them a good WR coach and a QB that can get the ball to them then we can judge them fairly.

Oh wait. I just took time to read the article. Its old!

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