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Official Panthers/Broncos Tailgate Thread

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Gladys is on her way back from Savannah so we are going to miss the bike parade, but still expect to get there in time to toss down some chow and some cold ones.

See everyone there and save some for me Andy!

Lets ride that Bronco into the dust!

Uncle Jack

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I'll be at this tell gate/game! Was planning to be at MNF but got priced out on tickets and unexpected bills did me in. I just got me a ticket for the nosebleeds online for $38. so I will be there. I'm thinking about taking the light rail. How far will I have to walk to get from the station to the tailgate? Its hell getting old and broken down!

If you are coming from the South, take the 3rd Street stop, when you get off go to your right and cross the tracks when you see the walkway on your right.

Go through the back door to the Omni hotel and through the hotel to the Wachovia plaza.

Cross South Tryon and bear right to 3rd St.

Turn left on 3rd St. and head down past Church St.

Look for the Carolina's Huddle tent and banner on your left just before getting to Poplar St.

See ya there!

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Tow truck driver arrived in 10 minutes (that'll never happen again), but alas, due too all the stuff going on with husband trying to work on car (and procrastination on my part), I'm not showered. No Toys for Tots for me.

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There are many people to thank today, many I will forget to but here goes:

1. Thanks to Go To Girl for bringing hot dogs and buns.

2. To 9lives for seriously some of the best chili I've ever had before, and BBQ shoulders, and Banana pudding, and brown liquor shots to anyone who asks, and ........so much else. Thanks for contributing to every tailgate and bringing a new experience in food to every tailgate. You are much appreciated.

3. to monkeybutt for bringing those homemade truffles. They didn't last long but to anyone that had one you know how good they were.

4. to lifeisagarden for making those cookies. always a highlight to the tailgate that they appear at. Thanks so much.

5. to shinner and pstall for sponsoring the tailgate. without sponsors we don't have good food to eat period.

6. to ranucci for cooking the food again. If I cooked it it wouldn't be half as good. when you say ranucci is cooking people come and they know good food will be there. People come and donations are not far behind. Ranuccis is the reason we have been able to donate so many bikes because people have come to know that his name equals good food before the game. Thanks so much.

7. to good ol' Zod. If he had not created this website that all of us love then none of this would have happened. Many friendships have been created as a result of this website and I hope many more are forged as a result of it.

8. To AkPantherfan and Shinner. It is because of people like you and that travel so far that make the rest of us realize how great it is for us to be here on gameday.

I could go on and on, but thanks to everyone for giving me and the rest of us gameday memories.

And I will get a bit religious here and pray to God that we have at least one playoff home game, and that it will be a night game on Saturday or 4 pm Sunday game so we have more time to have a playoff tailgate that will be off the fuging top!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want to say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!

YOU ALL made me and the wife feel so welcome!!!!

We had such a great time!!!!

what an awesome 2 game experiance+ you guys made it that much more special.

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amen brotha..

The bbq and banana pudding makes my Sunday.. when football season is over.. i dont know what I'll do.

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