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The salvage tug is trying to get close enough to the tanker Shinyo Sawako in order to bring it under tow.

THis photo may have been taken after this accident.

A collision between two Chinese vessels has left three people dead and 13 others missing, said reports from the southern port city of Kagoshima on Japan's Kyushu island.

Freighter Shinyo Sawako, a vessel from China's Hong Kong Special Administration Region, and the fishing boat Lurongyu 2177 from the Chinese mainland collided late Friday on the waters some 350 km south of Takarajima Island, part of the Tokara chain of islands south of Kyushu, reports said, citing the Japan Coast Guard, who received the information late Saturday..

The fishing boat sank immediately after the crash, only two of its 18 crew members have been rescued, said the coast guard, adding that rescue and investigation efforts are under way.

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