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My thoughts on the game

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-Jimmy: The pick 6 was mostly his fault just because of the poor placement and timing of the throw, but it's not a huge deal because JPP was beating Gross like a red headed step child the whole first quarter. Overall a decent showing my Jimmy. Still too hesitant and pass placement was lacking. But what he showed was definitely improvement. Well done, Jimmy.

-Cam: A few poor passes, but more very well thrown passes. The long pass to Olsen was almost perfect placement, anywhere else and the defender could have made a play on the ball. The first pass to Lafell in the endzone was good (but not great) placement, defender just made a great play on the ball. Second pass to Lafell in the endzone was good and shoulda been caught. He was a little too hesitant to move out of the pocket, but that's probably being drilled into him by Shula. Once he's got the basics down, he'll probably be allowed to get more creative. The overthrown pass to Edwards in the endzone was on him, but it wasn't THAT far off. To echo the popular sentiment, looked like a rookie but like a rookie that promises to be great one day. Well done, Cam.

-DA: He looked solid, a couple poor decisions (like the pass to the UDFA TE) but he actually seemed like the best passer out there to me. Of course, he's a vet with experience in this system, so he SHOULD look like the best passer out of the three. Good job, Derek. But you can do better.


-Deangelo: Good work. You're a stud. Nuff said.

-Stewart: Good work. You're a stud. Nuff said.

-Goodson: ...*sigh. A few good plays. Some nice kick returns, but running it out from 7 yards deep in the end zone will probably not continue in the regular season. STOP FUMBLING THE GD BALL. Needs improvement, but still glad to have him.

-Vaughn: Why are you on this team?

-Sutton: Good, hard runs. Like this guy. Hope he sticks around. Good work little buddy.

-Fiametta: Shoulda caught the first pass. Good job on the second pass. Noticed some good blocking, but a couple times he probably could have done a little better. Still, doing well for his level of experience. FB is a veteran's position. Good job, Tony.


-Lafell: Too many drops. Started the game off nicely with a good catch. Didn't help his bid for the #2 spot, but he's got time. He did just start practicing again. In this game, he was disappointing. But I'm not holding it against him. Clean slate next week. Do better.

-Naanee: Uh...nothing to comment on. Probably not a good thing.

-Clowney: Decent run on the reverse. However, lacking on every other play. Bye bye.

-Armanti: As a WR, good job getting separation on that one play. The missed TD opportunity isn't all his fault, but he probably could have went to the ball a little better. Won't hold it against him, decent (but unspectacular) performance in the passing game. GREAT job on the returns. The second one (I think) where he went to the right then came all the way around to the other side was very risky but it worked out. Careful with those in the future. Well done, Armanti.

-Pilares: Other than the Smitty-esque bubble screen, pretty non-existent in the passing game but he didn't seem to get a lot of snaps. The TD was a nice surprise. Good hustle in ST. Well done, Kealoha.


-Panthor: You stud muffin, you. Ecstatic to have him on the team. Also happy to have him on my fantasy team (round 9: win! Also have Jimmy Graham who I got around round 15 for insurance) Played great, great hands. Can't praise him enough. Well done, Greg.

-Shockey: Don't recall seeing any passes thrown his way. Noticed him throwing some nice blocks. They probably gave the old guy very limited reps to keep him fresh. Good plan. For what you were in for, well done Jeremy.

-Barnidge: Good on ST as usual. Nice beast mode RAC on that one catch. We really can't let this guy go. Him and Olsen will make a great long term TE duo. Well done, Gary.

-Did Hartstock play?

-Random UDFA guy: Uh, good job making sure the defender didn't pick that pass off. Heads up play for a rook.


-Gross: I'll chalk it up to rust, but JPP was beating you. Bad. Improve.

-Ziemba: An obvious rookie, but didn't do terribly.

-Rest of the guys: Didn't notice any standouts to the positive or negative, but the pass protection was pretty lacking overall. Some good run blocking at times, at others it was lacking. One thing I noticed, not sure who was the culprit, but someone had a bad shotgun snap to Cam. Luckily he has the wingspan of a California condor and was able to snag it just before he got dropped for the sack. Will have to do better overall in the regular season.


-Fua: Good job. Plugged the middle well, didn't get blown back at all from what I could see. That one play where he wasn't blocked looked like he was shot out of a cannon. Good grief that's some burst from such a big guy. Well done, Sione.

-Irvin: Plugged his gaps, don't remember anything remarkably good or bad. Good sign. Well done, Corey.

-McClain: Noticed he was catching a lot of double teams. While that's a good sign, he was getting kinda man-handled by the double teams at times. Had some good stops, though. Well done overall, Terrell.

-Neblett: Couple nice stops for short loss/no gain. Liked what I saw from him (same as last year). He's got to be #4 on the depth chart.

-Hayden: I hate you. Not for anything I saw tonight, didn't see anything done well or poorly. I just thought this was a good opportunity to express my feelings about you again.

-Duhart: You're probably gonna get cut.


-Norwood: Didn't see much out of you, but like I said before we probably had the smallest DE tandem in the history of the game tonight. I honestly don't expect him to the be other starter in the regular season. He'll see spot duty, and could very well do great at it. We'll see, but I saw nothing tonight.

-Brown: Nice pressure on the Giants' first drive. Didn't see much out of him after that, but I honestly didn't even notice when he came out. Could have been early for all I know. For what I actually saw of him, well done Everette.

-Chinasa: Didn't see much pressure out of him. He'll probably be on the bubble, come cut days. He has potential though. Needs to fire off the snap better.

-Tatum: Did he play?

-Keiser: Gonna get cut. Maybe even before first cuts come around.


-Anderson: Played like always. Some very good plays. One or two out of position. Got what I expected out of him. Overall, well done James.

-Connor: Didn't do much. Expect better out of you, buddy. Not passing judgement yet. I'm sure this game was a fluke for him.

-Gaither: Good job tracking the ball carrier. Good awareness, but caught out of position a couple times. Played well, overall, but won't be challenging for a starting position in THIS group of LBs. Overall, well done Omar.

-Senn: Outstanding in ST as usual. Better than usual on defense. Well done, Jordan.

-Jason Williams: To be honest, I wasn't sure when it was Jason and when it was Thomas (except when Thomas was making great penetration those couple of plays when the announcers called his name). Can't comment cuz I wasn't sure when it was him.

-Thomas Williams: See above. The couple times that I was aware of which he was, great plays. Reminded me of that LB from a couple of years ago that balled out in preseason, I forget his name. Got cut (and we all wondered why) and picked up by the Packers or the Vikings I think. Tenacious, hungry. Should probably get a roster spot if he keeps playing like tonight, when given the opportunity.

-Ware: I remember noticing a couple very good plays from him, I just don't remember the details. I just remember noticing his name and thinking "niiice!" Well done, Sean, but might not have a spot for you on the final roster :(

-Front 7 play in general, a couple missed assignments allowing ~10 yard runs but they were far and few in between. Great job vs the run overall.


-Martin: I remember one nice tackle early in the game, but not much other than that. He probably didn't get a lot of minutes, anyway. Solid performance, I think.

-Considine: A couple very good tackles, good plays that if he had missed his tackle the ball carrier would have had open daylight for big gainer. Commentators made a good point that his experience with McDermott probably helped him in knowing his assignments and where to be in position.

-Didn't notice much out of the rest of the Safeties.


-Wilson: Meh.

-McClain: Got torched a couple times when vs. first team. Some decent plays, though. Did nothing to move up the chart and nothing to lose his spot. Good tackling, overall. More or less well done, Robert.

-Stanford: Basically the same as what I said for Robert McClain as far as I could tell.

-Burney: Also got torched a time or two, but had great position a number of times. Missed at least two prime opportunities for INTs which is both good and bad. Good that he was in position to make a play on the ball (and resulted in breaking up the pass) but bad that he didn't actually make the play on the ball. Good tackling for the most part, good coverage for the most part (when he could keep up), overall well done, Kendric.

-Jackson: Heard his name called once, dunno what for. Didn't see enough from him to comment. Hope to see more of what he can do next week.

-Secondary overall, a couple of times the Giants were able to string together a number of catches and move the chains, especially Rosenfels, but overall they did a nice job against a very decent passing offense (Eli is a decent QB (at best), Nicks is a stud WR, rest of their WRs are unintimidating).

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-Not much to comment on, the first few kickoffs were strange, not sure if Mare was kicking the line drives on purpose or not, but his kicks (kick offs and FGs) all did the job. Decent punting. Very good coverage and good field position when receiving and kicking the ball. Kudos to ST.


-Few complaints. Good play calling on offense and defense as far as I could tell. You could tell the team was only about half starters from the beginning (a lot of starters out on Defense-both DEs (in my opinion Hardy will be the other starter), 2 out of 3 LBs, and both CBs-and a few on offense).

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quite possible. I know the commentators were calling his name a lot, but it seemed to me to be just making tackles rather than disrupting passes (which is what I prefer out of a CB). I don't think he played poorly, but I think he showed why he's not a starter...good effort though. I like the guy and certainly expect him to stick around.

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Lafell needs to spend some more time working with this


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I honestly think the line drives are on purpose. If your kicker can knuckle that ball and consistently get it to the red zone the difference between a return and a touchback probably won't be too much. If a line drive can create a turnover once or twice a year it could pay off.

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I went back and looked at that INT about 20 times in slow motion as well as other plays. Actually Gross didn't really get beat by JPP. JPP took a outside rush and Gross just continue to push him outside/wide.

This is exactly what happened with the pressure on that play. Kalil slipped on the turf, causing Bernadeau to trip over Kalil's leg, and then Bernadeau man just jumped over him, causing Clausen to not be able to step up.

At first I thought Bernadeau got bull rushed, causing Kalil to trip, but it was Kalil slipping on the turf, and tripping Bernadeau.

It looks as if Gross didn't do his job, when in actuality he did a good job, but it didn't look that way, since Clausen couldn't step up.

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Yea, I noticed that too, Tarheels23, on that play. Gross didn't totally get beat, but he still didn't hold up as well as I thought he should have. That play wasn't as bad as some of the others. I still think his performance tonight vs JPP was lacking.

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agree with everything, i hate hayden too,to add stanford looked good never once heard manninghams name and mcclain got beat twice but on the second one Godfey came over late.( go Ware nice block kick) D looked good considering 6 starters out and can't wait to see Newton to Smitty

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The only glaring weakness I saw was at DE.I was expecting to get torched at the cb position.The DEs did not have sacks or hurrys plus they were running the ball at them.I assume it was because they were both undersized which made them easier to move around

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Forgot about the run by Stewart, where he threw a guy to the ground... LOL

Then I saw him heading to the locker room, hope he's okay?

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