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Going to a game.

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Hi guys,

I'm thinking about going to the Panthers/Titans game Nov. 13, with my dad. I live in Dallas TX so I don't ever get to see my Panthers play. I want some of the best seats available, so I was wondering what section would be the best to sit if you wanted to be close to the game and still have a good view, etc?


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The South Gate is the home side AND the side in the shade.

539-544, below row 10 are excellent sections and seats for a great value and are $61 a piece face value. Loud crowd mixture of kids and families to drunks and teens and just normal adults.

130-133 are the best of the lower levels seats and the best seats in the stadium in my opinion, I am usually here. They are a little more quiet but you get more drunks and adults and much less children. They are right behind the Panthers Bench, you are right up close the action. Further down near section 129 is the Panther's tunnel. They run $110 a piece at face.

342-345 are Premium seating. You get extra wide seats, the ability to go inside and easy access to liquor and food. The last several rows are shaded and of course the game is at perfect eyesight level. The seats are around $250+ a piece face. Very quiet section, pretty much adults only.

People will say wine and cheese but pick your crowd. Sometimes I like to sit in the club and not be bothered by screaming fans. Especially when I am by myself the extra room is great. Sometimes I feel like screaming and will sit in the LL. Sometimes I know we might get our ass whipped real hard so I'll go for the uppers. On a rainy day, End Zone or high row Clubs. They are covered.

It just depends.

here is the best tip I can give you. The Sun rises behind the South West side of the South Entrance of the stadium. This is VERY important. The above sections I mentioned will be shady of only sunny for the first quarter. If you go outside those sections, in the direction like these examples: sections 106-127, 509-535 you will be right in the sun, and on hotter days it sucks, your $8 beer gets warm in a matter of minutes.

To find a real deal on some tickets, write down these sections and try to find some tickets around the stadium shortly after kick off. If none of these sections come up, a CLUB section ticket will always be pretty nice.

Please note these prices also differ outside the specified sections. There are club seats for $150, and uppers for as low as $40, but they are not midfield and all sections I mentioned are midfield, Panther side, and most importantly in the shade for the majority of the game.

Hope I have helped.

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Awesome, I was looking at the 130-133 Sections, I think it would be exciting to sit right behind the Panthers bench. Appreciate the info!

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