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Say a prayer/positive thoughts

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Taking my son to UNC today to his cardiologist. We had a scare yesterday morning, and spent the day between the peds and the hospital here.

If having the ablation done will fix his heart, then that's what I want done, asap. We're headed to UNC now to find out what's going on and if he'll have it done.

If you don't remember, my son has Wolffe Parkinson White. Yesterday morning while sitting in French, he couldn't breathe, went numb in his arms, dizzy/light headed, and sharp pain in his chest. He's been on meds, I don't know what's going on. His ekg's at the hospital weren't normal.

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Thanks, guys. He's having the ablation done at Chapel Hill; they can get to him quicker than Duke can. We had a choice between the two. He's wearing a heart monitor for 4 weeks or until his surgery, which ever comes first. We should find out next week when they've got him scheduled. He'll have an overnight stay in the hospital, and should be able to come home the next day.

Once he has the ablation done, he should be fine and not have WPW anymore.

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Thoughts with all of your family. Stay positive and help him stay positive about everything being alright, that kind of energy can be very powerful.

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