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Let's see how Cam's first start weighs against other first overall QB picks.

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Here is a comparison of Cam's stats against all first overall pick QBs since 1989, in their first starts as an NFL quarterback.. QBs marked with an asterisk are the ones who opened their first season as the starter.

Of note the most comparable performance to Cam's is Peyton's, throwing a similar number of passes and being one of the few QBs to be throwing for a high number of yards per attempt and yards per completion. *disclaimer* I am not saying Cam is the next Peyton Manning, just showing how significant this performance really is in a historical perspective. *disclaimer*

I don't feel these numbers need too much analysis, I think Cam's performance stands for itself.

Troy Aikman*

17/35 48.6% 180yds 0td 2int 40.2qbr

Jeff George*

13/24 54.2% 160yds 1td 0int 88.9qbr

Drew Bledsoe*

14/30 46.7% 148yds 2td 1int 69.9qbr

Peyton Manning*

21/37 56.8% 302yds 1td 3int 58.6qbr

Tim Couch

12/24 50.0% 134yds 1td 0int 80.9qbr

Michael Vick

4/12 33.3% 32yds 1td 0int 70.1qbr

David Carr*

10/22 45.5% 145yds 2td 1int 78.8qbr

Carson Palmer

18/27 66.7% 248yds 2td 1int 105.2qbr

Eli Manning

17/37 45.9% 162yds 1td 2int 45.1qbr

Alex Smith

9/23 39.1% 74yds 0td 4int 8.5qbr

Jamarcus Russell

23/31 74.2% 224yds 1td 1int 91.3qbr

Matthew Stafford*

16/37 43.2% 205yds 0td 3int 27.4qbr

Sam Bradford*

32/55 58.2% 253yds 1td 3int 53.1qbr

Cam Newton*

24/37 64.9% 422yds 2td 1int 110.4qbr

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WOW, that really drives the point of how well Cam did home...

Russell's problem was not talent, it was a lack of work ethic... Cam by all accounts has a great work ethic.

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Not to mention the refs swallowed their whistles on the last play!

I'm not trying to be a 'homer' or whatever but that LB mad contact with Goodson while the ball was still in the air.

Watch the replay dude had one arm around Goodson's waist the whole play then still hits him before the ball got there.

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Pretty good company here:

Most Pass Yards in Season Opener

Since 1960

1994 Dan Marino 473

2000 Kurt Warner 441

2010 Peyton Manning 433

2011 Cam Newton 422

1994 Drew Bledsoe 421

*** All these guys made the playoffs the same year and became probowlers

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