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Photos From my last deployment out to sea

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I was a Boats for 5 years and it was the best experience that ive ever had and i will never forget it. It takes alot of mental power to be out to sea for 9 months with one or two ports. Godbless the navy for the hard work they do.

If You or a family member is considering going in the navy and you want a non bs answer of what its like please feel free to give me a pm.

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There is a lot of sea men in this thread.

Yeah, especially after you entered the thread and got all hot and sweaty.

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We used to shoot ***** off the fantail of our little DDG, which oiler are you refueling from? USNS isnt it?

As far as what does a naval officer do?

Depends on how high in the chain of command you are and how good your CPO s and LPO s are that work for you - if they dont do their job you do a lot.

that a woman firing that m 14 with the shot line?

must be the new navy - that must suck

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