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Chase 2011 ultimate thread

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So two weeks in and fat boy is bangin out wins.

Kevin sits in 2nd 7 points out.

Kezzy Beezy is still poppin out top 5s like the octomom pops out kids.

Dover this week.

Monster Mile.

And oh yeah, the 48 is crumbling and so is the 18. Personally, I love it. I hope they finish 11th and 12th (respectively)

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quit blaming the points system, its all the same, just less numbers.


How big of a deficit is 35 points? Under the old points system, used in every Chase prior to this one, it roughly translates to a 120-point margin, which has some relevance. In 2006, Year 1 of Johnson’s reign, he left Charlotte seventh in the standings, trailing by 146 points with five races to go. He finished the season going first, second, second, second, ninth to win the title by a comfortable margin of 56 points over Kenseth.

Not only is a comeback doable, but Johnson has battled back from a larger margin.

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