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Happy Panther

The myth of the new coach success.

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Many of you have been suggesting that we should not be expected to win because we have new coaches - and new coaches need time to win.

I looked up every coach in the league with 5 years of tenure or less to see how well they did in their first year.

Nearly half of these coaches are making the playoffs in the first year. And several of these were complete turnarounds.

New coaches in 2011 are 9-7 so far.

Another myth BUSTED!

Mike Smith 2008 Atlanta Falcons - 11-5 *

Ken Whisenhunt 2007 Cardinals - 8-8

John Harbaugh - 2008 Ravens - 11-5 *

Jason Garrett - 2010 Cowboys - 5-3

Jim Schwartz 2009 Lions 2-14

Jim Caldwell 2009 Colts 14-2*

Todd Haley 2009 Chiefs 4-12

Tony Sparano 2008 Dolphins 11-5 *

Leslie Frazier Minn 2010 3-3

Rex Ryan 2009 Jets 9-7 *

Mike Tomlin 2007 Pitt 10-6*

Steve Spagnuolo 2009 Rams 1-15

Raheem Morris 2009 Bucs 3-13

Mike Munchak 2011 Titans 3-1

Jim Harbaugh 2011 49ers 3-1

Hugh Jackson 2011 Raiders 2-2

Ron Rivera 2011 Panthers 1-3

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If we had an average D and average ST.....Rivera easily would be 3-1. Rivera has nothing on D but 2 DEs and 1 and 1/2 corners. He has some other pieces but they are consistant enough to count on.

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If you had expectations to have a winning season this year.. then you set your expectations too high. I think most people predicted 6 wins.. and that seems about right. The rest is gravy. That being said, I think Rivera has changed the identity of this team.. he is doing a phenomenal job.. we have been in every game. We are a few plays away from being 4-0.

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If only Rivera hadn't coached the team to:

- Outrun Peterson and/or stand and watch as he fielded a punt and ran upfield.

- Throw 2 stupid INTs against Green Bay, then, as momentum was shifting, fumble a long gain.

- Summon a monsoon

- Lose a starting DT, MLB, and WLB for the season

- Give up 200+ yards to Forte

I also think we should judge his career 4 starts in. Sure, he inherited the worst team in football, yeah, maybe we have new defensive and offensive systems, we're IRing people left and right, we're starting rookies at QB, both DT spots and RT here and there with no OTAs at all and a new playbook, but those are excuses and I'm tired of bullpoo excuses.

Rivera is poo and I want to win now. It's not too late to grab Cowher.

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you are aware this is only week 4 right....

Yeah, people are acting as if the season is already over.

I'm too lazy to do it, but I'm pretty sure there are even more examples of teams who started slow and finished strong than there are first time HC's who were successful in their first year.

And BTW, Jim Caldwell? I'm pretty sure that was a well established team with a well established QB who could run the offense himself when Caldwell took over, and none of those coaches had to deal with what Rivera had to deal with this off season. This year is very unique because of the lockout. That's not an excuse, it's just reality.

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How many of those successful new coaches were taking over team with the previous year's worst record, had a shortened offseason due to lockout, were starting a rookie quarterback, and were decimated by injuries to key positions?

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I dont understand people upset about our teams wins and losses this season. We were 2-14 last year and have a weak defense due to injuries and holes. Even if we made the playoffs it'd be 2008 all over again, we'd be smashed in round 1 by a better team. No way our defense competes against the better O's in the league in the dance. Best thing to do is get our 5-6 wins this year and flip that into another high draft pick that will make us a better team in the future. Its too early to be throwing this coaching staff and organization under the bus.

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