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A Tweet, To Mark Ingram.

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 01:36 AM

wtf is with all this OMFG MEET ME IN REAL LIFE AND I WILL BEAT YOU UP bullshit?

you are all stupid, please stop.

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 02:07 AM

remember that time their defensive coordinator said he wanted to flip Steve Smith on his head and make sure he doesn't get up to come back into the game? and that time the Saints laid literally dozens of cheap shots on Favre in the NFC championship game 2 years ago?

and we're the unclassy ones

Ya'lls team is the classy ones, the fans on the other hand, well, just look at this thread.

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 02:10 AM

judging a team's fan base by the responses of less than a dozen idiots on the internet is almost as stupid as the rest of the responses in this thread.

#79 The Question

The Question

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 02:30 AM

Posted Image
Come on down

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 02:45 AM

Aw but you can make fun of 1,000 dead people?

Where did I do that?

Gregg "Pedophile Face" Williams led us to a Superbowl championship two years while your sh*tty team was sitting at home, then proceeded to nearly go winless last year when we made the playoffs...again. We took home the Lombardi, ya'll haven't accomplished anything, and your D sucks. Who cares what the guy looks like? That's not going to win anyone championships.

Yeah, and he still looks like a pedo. Tell Payton to give Gregg some of his xanax next time he breaks into the trainers room, he needs to chill out a little.

Yes, even, the one who started this floater of a thread.

You can gladly ignore it and stop posting. Your input and contributions to this thread have been zero, thanks.

good luck with your mod campaign.

That wasn't even Jenkins (who Steve Smith has a grasp of in that pic) that hit him. It was Harper, Jenkins didn't do a damn thing to deserve it. Smith tried to cocky and walk into the endzone, Harper made him pay. Good luck cleaning up after that sad excuse of a tight end Shockey too.

Yes, because players aren't allowed to "walk" into the endzone when they feel like they broke away.

Like it or not, Harper couldn't make a play, and Smitty punked your weak ass corner, so he decided to take a cheap shot because it hurt his wittle feewings.

Punk b*tch. Ya'll wanna throw "punk" and "thug" around when your defense is the epitome of both. Can't stop people so you resort to cheap shots and trying to injure them. Gregg Williams has opened his mouth mor ethan once about his intentions to take players out of the game, why? Because he's scared sh*tless he can't stop them.

Desean Jackson walks into endzones and turns around and taunts players before he falls into them. Didn't see anyone jacking him up after the play was dead. Watch any football game during the week... Players break away, they walk into the endzone and gloat a little. Players flip into the endzone... It's a part of the game, they are celebrating the play. But, watch out! New Orleans might have their feelings hurt and decide to take it out on you after the play is over because their pissed they can't do anything legally within the game about it!!!

That's all aside from reality though, because guess what? If you pussified retards would watch the game instead of Drew Brees' ass, you would see that Smitty ran all the way to the endzone. He may have slowed down, but he didn't "walk" like Harper said he did. Harper is just a butthurt fine young male ass b*tch.

That's b*tch moves. Get over it. Smitty didn't disrespect anyone on your team more than any other player that breaks away for a TD. It's celebrating what he did... He didn't mock anyone, he took his time his last few steps into the endzone... Oh noeszzz!

Roman Harper is a b*tch and I hope he finds himself out of a job and out of the league shortly... Teams keep getting him locked up in man coverage and it will be VERY shortly.

Cam's Dad should be in the cell next to him. He just wasn't found out.

Yes, because breaking NCAA rules is against the law.


I would love to see you say some of this to Ingrams face and specially the Tweeter guy.:D

Ahh, the old, "I dare you to say it to his face" line... Who gives a sh*t. He ain't superman even though he tried to mock him.

Classless Carolina trashy remark. You all sound like a bunch of ******* crying because you got beat. One of you remarked that "we just beat the team that finished dead last in our division." Good call. We just beat the team that will finish dead last in our division this year too. The difference between the Saints and the Panthers is that we know how to finish games. Thats championship football, something you guys don't and won't know about for quite some time. Shockey is classless trash. Everyone hated him in NOLA. To leave the field like a little crybaby and not shake hands with the team that gave you (he didnt earn it by any means) a Super Bowl ring is classless. Newton did the same thing. As for "Smitty," everyone in the league knows that he is nothing more than a glorified thug. He has beaten up two former teammates. If you want to talk about daddies, look no further than your qb's father. He sold his son to the highest bidder. I look forward to seeing you all in NOLA later this year. Again, like the past two years, we will be resting our starters for the playoffs and you guys. . . well, you guys will be playing for "pride." Good luck.

See above. Your team is full of classless thugs, I guess the murder capital is rubbing off on them. I'd be mad too if I had to share my living space with rats the size of obese house cats.

And oh no! Cam's dad profited off of a f*cked up college system through his son's talents!!! Guess what? Cam got paid too, just like most elite players on every NFL roster. WGAF.

And have fun resting your starters, they'll be in plenty good shape to slip off of Frank Gore for gamebreaking runs to knock you out of the first round.

BREAKING NEWS: Pharmacies in the New Orleans area have been hit with a flurry of prescription requests for xanax and morphine.

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#81 Herb


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Posted 10 October 2011 - 02:48 AM

Sure I'll come on down to nawlins and let all yall whoop my ass, but I'm not a very good swimmer, nor do I own a boat to get there.

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 03:05 AM

Ingram's taunt of Cam's celebration is no big deal. Taunting is nothing. Roman Harper's cheap shot, and Jenkins trying to jump in to it are a big deal. Smitty handled the bully how you're supposed to. You punk them out and they won't try poo with you any more. And LAUGH OUT fuging LOUD at the "he picked on the smallest guy out there". The only person in pads today that is smaller than Smitty is Sproles. He picked the guy that came to the end zone trying to start poo (even if it was "in defense of Harper") after Harper cheap shotted him. And double LAUGH OUT fuging LOUD at the "he tried to break his neck" horseshit. That's ridiculous. If that would have broken his neck, he'd have no business on the football field. He'd have to be Sam Jackson from Unbreakable for that to break his neck.

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 03:12 AM

I'll have to sift through this garbage thread tomorrow morning to figure out who to ban. Looks like it'll be a few.