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Chuck Norris to lead Texas succession

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So all of us should just join right on in without questioning it.. right?

Join what, Chuck Norris's second revolution? Hardly. I feel the same way about them that I do about 9-11 conspiracy nuts. Just pointing out that the founding fathers were by and large christian and protestant. Deism was relatively rare. And in some ways, that makes what they did even more spectacular.

Don't get me wrong, there may come a time somewhere in the future in which another revolution is needed, but I don't think that time is going to happen anytime soon. IMO, we have as much or more freedom now than at just about any point in our history. If those freedoms should ever truly be curtailed, then it might be time. But for now, things are still good freedom wise.

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Don't mistake successful for good. I've never watched one episode but Walker Texas Ranger was on 9 seasons. The check he receives every month for the syndication rights is probably huge.

It is what it is, the guy is rollin' in dough.

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