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The remainder of my life is a free gift.

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It had been raining all day and as I came around a curve I lost control of my car. It flipped off an embankment and ended up upside down in the woods. My car avoided a creek and all the trees. I recall everything. Losing control, flipping, etc. I had my seat belt on so I didn't really move a lot. I sustained a deep laceration on my right wrist, but that is all.

What makes me feel indifferent is in this particular spot several people have died. Most recently two months ago someone died supposedly 10 feet from where my car rested. I'm able to crawl out and walk away under my own power, yet others never got that opportunity.. it makes me feel bad.

I didn't see this coming at all. It was just a normal day, coming home from school. Be careful out there and don't think you are ever going too slow for those curves when it is raining. Drive safe and always let your loved ones know you love 'em.




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Holy fug man, that's scary. It really puts things into perspective when something like that happens.

The catch is now you're expected by Hollywood to find the cure for cancer so that they can make millions off of you.

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