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My thoughts on the Falcons game

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Lol, Funny go enjoy your win & dirty team of your. Theres one more game till then ,your nickname sued right Dirty Birds... I saw your hole Defensive unit breakdown when Cam's started running ,but our coaching staff is sleeping at the fact we don't have a D , or DT who can constantly stop the run and fug Turner is a tank so his just loving it so should you for now. I mean ATL won but you can tell it was by the grace hands Grimms was beat trailing and had the Int late in the 2nd Qt. then the lucky read int that Cam forced in there trying to make a play... So you got it right we did go 1-5 , but this team every week now is shockying everyone we just got get healthy and learn from our mistakes... It's not the last you'll see of the Panthers ATL fan.

I had to smoke and get some beer in my system after this game!!! Boi I was hot, I almost lost it and now tx to the THC is getting better... Crap I wish we had just won non of this would happened.

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