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When you lose a team with a culture of losing, you can't just hit the reset button the next year. Winning cures all, but that does not seem like it is this coaching staff's primary goal. That's why we are perplexed & pissed off.

U are so true...That is what the fans are now witnessing. There are so many postive things happening that should mean a win almost every week but the wins seems so illusive. Why? Cause it's the mentality.

It almost seems as if this team finds a way to lose...Sad, but I hope they snap out of it soon cause a rookie QB who came off a two year winning streak in college cannot do it alone.

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The defense is the weak link for sure.............I was doubtful when we hired our defensive cor.......still am

Unfortunately this defense requires people knowing where to be at all times. Not really a good thing when you have Rookies and Backups playing. Really its why John Fox was so frustrated last year and I cant blame him. His defense requires the same thing.

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