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Lost Wallet, Need Advice

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So if you're tired of feeling crappy about our Panthers I have a quick question for all of you Huddlers and would really appreciate any help I could get.

So at some point this past Saturday I lost my wallet or it was stolen from me while at a friends' house. There a couple people there at the house that no one knew, and my friend's purse had things stolen out of it (license, cash, cards).

So I retraced my path yesterday from when I last remembered using it till the point where I realized it was missing. That, obviously, was unsuccessful.

When I realized it was most likely a lost cause I did the obvious thing by canceling all my cards and ordering new ones. I didn't have that much cash (close to 30 dollars) so I'm very thankful for that.

My questions are: A) I ordered a new license through the DMV, but it won't be here in time for me because I am driving up to DC (from Chapel Hill, NC) on Wednesday till Saturday. Should I risk it and just use my old expired license and maybe carry a second form of id like a passport?...and/or

B.) Should I report the license was stolen to the police, so someone couldn't order a credit card in my name or something crazy like that and they could potentially provide me with something that would allow me to drive legally.

Thanks again for any helpful info you can provide, it really means a lot.

TL;DR- Lost license. Should I notify police so identity doesn't get stolen/so the police could potentially give me a temporary slip so I can make a road trip up to DC?

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