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That's "Good and Bad Carolina."

South Carolina is the Mexico of North Carolina.

South Carolina: the North Korea to North Carolina's South Korea.

lol nailed it

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lol nailed it

This is literally the only good thing about South Carolina. North gets The Barrier Islands, Research Triangle Park (aka a Northerner haven), BBQ, less Confederate flags than any of our neighbors, the most majestic section of the Appalachians, The Biltmore, The Grove Park Inn, The North Carolina Zoo, tons of great universities, and Ft. Bragg.

Before you say it, Myrtle Beach sucks, Carowinds is basically on the border so shut up doesn't count, and sweet potatoes > peaches.

all south carolina has is shitty mustard BBQ sauce. good lord it is terrible

and my favorite:

whats so great about Ft. Bragg?

the response

We're proud of being such a military-friendly state, while you threaten to secede every Thursday or so.

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