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My Bold Declarations

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I know I've been hard in critizing this team, and as a person of faith, I hate some of the statements I made. I've been speaking on what I see, and not encouraging. That is going to stop right now.

Our defense has a lot of heart, but with the injuries we have sustained, it's going to be hard to maintain stellar play. So with that said, our offense will be where we pay our bills.:D No more should we play conservative football on offense. Whether or not we run or pass, every play there should be an explosion of effort, with the expectation of getting it into the endzone. Here are my bold expectations.........

1. Cam will be the first rookie to throw over 5,000 yards.

2. D-Will and J-Stew will combine for over 2,000 yards on the ground.

3. Smitty will have over 2,000 receiving yards. (and 200 will come this week)

4. Naanee will have over a 1,000 yards receiving.

5. Shockey and Olsen will combine for over 1,000 yards receiving.

6. Cam will have over 700 yards rushing.

7. Cam will not throw another int this year.

8. The Panthers will win the division with an 11-5 record.

9. Cam will be the first rookie QB to win the superbowl.

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This is the kind of blind optimism that creates all of the cussing and histrionics on this forum after a loss.

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I don't mind bold predictions, it shows optimism and belief in the team.

I will admit, I never thought Cam would throw for a 400 yard game this year. I didn't think Smitty would come out and be like his old self. I was very, very optimistic though, and was ecstatic at the offenses performance. I thought the defense would be the strong point of the team, and it was quite the opposite.

Anything can happen. Something on that list will happen, or at least very close.

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