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Smitty Disses John Fox

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Snake    4,260

Well its really true. Only thing I can say about our team is it going to get better where Denver is just going to go down hill. Fox is burned out and nothing is going to make him better except time away from coaching.

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Sucks for The Golden Calf of Bristol though. He needs help to be a NFL starter, and he's not going to get it. Another QB's career flushed away to a John Faux Offensive philosophy.

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rayzor    10,645

this is the frustrating part...

Smith failed to mention Carolina has the same number of wins as Denver — one.

still like a lot more what is happening here long term and think it will have a lot more success than denver.

both teams are losing, but at least this one is together and moving forward. what fox has there is a huge mess that they thought he would fix but apparently he's not able to do anything with and may have made worse. doesn't sound like that team is on the same page at all. fox may end up being a puppet for elway. i believe that them starting The Golden Calf of Bristol right now has elway's fingerprints all over it. fox did say that the scheme wouldn't change for The Golden Calf of Bristol. not surprised by that.

we'll dig out of the cellar first.

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Let it go Smitty :)

Well, he's dead to rights to make comments about his resurgence and why he couldn't go anywhere in the past couple years.

We all bitch about Fox fuging up a team we like... but we are just fans. Steve Smith's career was hampered by Fox and he's putting it all out to dry.

In fact, Rivera is going to have a battle to enstill the left overs of the Fox era with discipline and toughness, and our results so far is evidence of that.

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