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Young Newton and vet Smith are perfect match

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Darn good read:

Both men speak about growth and the future like they have long roads ahead, when the reality is that Smith only has a few more years left to play. He often says he wants to spend more time with his family, and clearly has other things he wants to do in life. But just as the entire region has been infused with an energy, thanks to Newton, so has Smith been invigorated.

Fans flock to games donning his jersey, talk radio hosts and callers are praising him instead of ripping him and whether or not Smith will be in uniform to reap the ultimate benefits of Newton under center, he’s helping to lay the foundation for that success.

“Fresh start, new people, new expectations, new level of commitment,” Smith said after Sunday’s game. And no two figures are more responsible than he and Newton.


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Yeah, he was the truth in ATL. I have some funny stories about him in LA though.

His swing is so bad. How do you even get in a position like that during an attempt to hit a baseball?

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Its a good match because of the mentor/leadership aspect. Smiths got at least 3 good years left, and to be honest by then Newton should be well polished and we will have a serious offense that could lose smith and still get mad wins.

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I hope some of Smitty's energy and ferocity rubs off on one of the younger guys for when Steve is gone. The Panthers will need a guy like him throughout Cam's reign.

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