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Continuing with the racial theme here lately...

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Is it wrong to lust over a woman who's mother just died? Tamishia is en fuego smokin hot.

I noticed that too this morning when I saw it...

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What ever happened to "sticks & stones..."? 2 idiots call someone a name doesn't excuse that person from committing an assault on them. Seems to me that there were 3 idiots there that day.

As far as the quotas...that is sooo funny. Like if the cop writes one more ticket he gets a free toaster oven? A promotion for making arrests? get the hell out of here...which department? Silly rabbit... I guess you believe that all our generals are the most proficent soldiers/marines? No politics ever involved? I guess a officer working in Harlem should at least arrest one white person a day?

There is no doubt that there is racial tension between blacks and the police. Its been that way for a looooonnnnng time and will continue to be that way as its handed down. "Remember when the cops sic those dogs on us for marching for our rights? Remember when the cops sprayed us with water hoses for protesting? Remember when the cops beat up Rodney King? Remember when they shot that poor black man in NY 41 times? Remember when they sodomized that black man?" Of course there is a flip side (as always) to this coin. "Remember when that black man shot those four police officers in Oakland?" Remember when those two black panthers ambushed those two NYPD officers? Remember when those two young black brothers shot and killed a NCHP trooper and deputy sheriff? Remember when Kamie Mays shot and killed Detectice Paul Hales? Remember when Chief Hathoway was shot and killed by a black male? These are all horrible things that have occurred but we only see the race in the issue and not the individuals. I can see this endless cycle but I don't know how to break it. Some blacks will continue to use past injustices as a crutch to either lean on or hide behind. Some people will slip though and abuse the authority granted them by society. These two groups will be the ones you see at 5:30 on the news as that is what sells. It doesn't matter if you hire black officers either as they bear the same stigma as white officers or worse. Being labeled worse than the racist white cops as they choose to "sell out the man" by being a Uncle Tom or House******. We all have our notions and perception is reality right? Maybe one day we can get it all worked out but until then I'll just go back to being "whitey the blue-eyed devil honkey cracker mother"..well you get what I mean. :mad2:

until police stop going into poor neighborhoods and treating everyone like they're guilty until proven innocent our "perceptions of reality" are null. This systematic abuse of power has happened throughout history in every place imaginable, how is it that it's so hard to conceive now? And if you think that cops aren't rewarded for arrests and ticketing.......

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oh crap, seven count em SEVEN pause periods :yikes: whatever comes next is going to be powerful!

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