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the single most important thing about this Sunday's game....

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Not to be all ghey over colors, but a Steeler fan buddy of mine busts my balls over us wearing teal all the time. It time to set the record straight... See the dude on the ground in the pic below? He is wearing teal. The Panthers uni's are blue...


Thanks Zod for teh pic, I stole it...

..and seriously, can we be done with uniform threads? I believe the term is ad nauseum...

So ask your "steeler buddy" what's up with the YELLOW?

Black and YELLOW. Yep, yellow strikes fear in my heart.:rolleyes:

Yellow:1. Bananas

2. Baby Chicks

3. Songs by The Beatles "Yellow Submarine"

4. Tie a Yellow Ribbon, 'round the old oak tree.

5. Fug the steelers and their 50 bazillion band wagon fans

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does anyone know if they will announce the defensive or offensive starting lineups

Offensive, they alternate each game and the defense was announced last game.

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Swag tier = black

Meh tier = white

Retarded gay baby tier = blue



Blue...Really? I love the black, but think the White is more femmy than the blue. Blue is not an every game jersey, but I like them.

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