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State Fans

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I'm not here to say these brand new and shiny ncaa violations are anywhere near as bad as UNCs.

What I am here to point out is how State fans were so quick to jump on their soapbox while conveniently ignoring that ANY success State has had came with NCAA violations, and how now-a-days State is so clean and official all they need is a whistle... hypocritically dismissing violations were decades ago while clinging onto their only championships over 30 years ago..

Now not only have you not sniffed a real championship in over 30 years, but you are cheaters just like the rest of college sports.

I want to personally welcome you to the club and I wish you the best of luck in the future..


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If people would just accept the fact that players everywhere get special treatment, we would all be better off. Is it right? No. But life ain't fair, and neither is college sports.

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CJ borrowed a piece of poo car after his was in a wreck, HANG THE MAN!

way to downplay cheating.. my point was more than a few NC State fans were standing 1000 feet in the air reppin their school as squeaky clean and despite NC State NEVER having success WITHOUT cheating, they wanted to look down their nose like UNC is the only school who has fugged up..

most of those fans look like a complete joke now...

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