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Matt Kalil & Janoris Jenkins in twenty twelve

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Also, i know a trade down scenario is hard to predict and people really go crazy with them, but if Washington wanted to move up badly enough to draft Matt Barkley, we could still possibly move down and get a comparable offensive tackle prospect--Martin or Reiff.

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Watching Gross yesterday plus fact he's 32 and Otah being an Injury bust makes me think we may need to draft a Franchise LT to pair with Cam and protect him anyway. Hopefully its Kalil, the Stanford LT in a trade down may work too.

Gross is fine. I agree we need to eventually work on replacing him, but we can draft that replacement next year or in 2-3 years and be fine. I also don't think Hurney would take an OT this early with Blackmon still on the board OR with Otah still on the roster. Hurney likely hasn't given up on Otah, and while I agree that he will likely go down as an injury bust, I think Hurney/Rivera are happy between him & Byron Bell - or at least happy enough to not take an OT in the top-5 with Smitty's replacement sitting there.

I guess where we disagree is that you feel replacing Gross is more vital than replacing Smith. I feel more comfortable with Gross for another 3-4 years than with Smith as our top WR for that same time period. And let me also say that if WR wasn't a big need we wouldn't be starting Legadu fuging Nannee right now. LaFell and Gettis have shown promise, but fact is neither is likely to become close to what Justin Blackmon will be, IMO.

Don't get me wrong, though, I'd love to have Kalil on the OL. He's definitely by 2nd choice, but I just don't feel that we're in a position to pass on a potentially elite WR prospect like Blackmon when we've got a pretty solid OL already, even if we could stand an upgrade there as well.

I'm just upset there's no can't-miss DT/OLB prospects projected in the top-5 :mad2:

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