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NFC West Exec: Matt Kalil isn't the best OT prospect on the board.

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I still don't think he ends up here whatever the situation. Either he goes to the Rams before us or we trade down or pass on him and take Justin Blackmon. I just don't think Hurney will spend a top-5 pick on an OT with Otah still on the roster even if I personally think he's gone after next year, Hurney will want to give him one more shot to prove he can stay healthy before giving up on a former 1st rounder. Plus the coaching staff obviously likes Byron Bell a lot.

I don't think either are anywhere close to what Matt Kalil will be, but still, I just don't see OT as the huge need some do and I don't feel that Hurney/Rivera do either, TBH.

My preferences in order would be:

1. Justin Blackmon

2. Trade down

3. Matt Kalil

4. Morris Claiborne

I understand were you coming from. They seem to like Byron Bell a lot. I just really want to stock up on picks to get some defensive players.

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    • He's the most intriguing prospect of the draft.  If he can be a true T with the ability to not only play both spots but to excel in them we may have selected one of the steals of the draft.  Sucks we won't have that 5th yr option but I'd welcome that problem later to have a true LT/RT for years to come.
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