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Thanks Bud Selig

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some cliffs of the new changes


Worst part of draft bonus system in new CBA is that teams can lose future picks for spending too much. Hurts low-revenue teams the most.

If a player signs after the 10th round for more than $100,000, the excess money will go against a team's draft pool.

Draft signing deadline moves from Aug. 15 to between July 12 and 18.

Worst teams, for example, will receive ~$5M in int'l $. Best teams will get ~$1.8M. Not sure on exact figures for draft, but similar %.

What MLB wanted more than anything with draft is players to get selected in order of talent. MLB believes this system will force that.

Sources: Cubans under 23 years old and with less than three years in pro ball will be considered "amateurs" and count against int'l bonus $.

Every team will have $2.9M to spend in international bonus money this season. Money is not tradeable this year.

International bonuses undergoing drastic overhaul. Among the biggest: Starting in 2013-14, teams can trade $ from their international pool.

For example: Worst team in baseball gets $5M to spend internationally. If team doesn't want to spend it all, it can trade $ to another team.

Teams can trade for only 50% more than their international spending cap. So if a team has a $2.5M cap, most it can trade for is $1.25M.

Draft tax is harsh: Teams that go more than 5% over slot get a 75% tax. From 5-10% over, a 75% tax and loss of 1st-round pick the next year.

More draft tax: Go 10-15% over, 100% tax and loss of 1st- and 2nd-round picks. 15% and higher is 100% tax and loss of two first-round picks.



Drafted players may only sign minor-league deals now. #MLB, #cba



If you're a fan of a team that's putting huge investments into scouting/draft/international, that's over. Sorry.



By my calculations, TWENTY teams went 16% or more over slot this year, which would have triggered 100% tax & loss of two 1st-rders #mlbdraft


Everything about this is just a giant fuging joke. Way to fuging destroy the talent pool in baseball. No multi athlete player is going to choose baseball over college now.

This whole thing basically sh*ts on the smaller market teams and makes it easier for the big market teams to win. Makes it even harder for teams like Tampa to be successful.

Honestly disgusted as a Nationals fan. Looking over this, the only positive change is moving the draft signing deadline up a month. Seriously.

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