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A Top Tier Player is inevitable...

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KBRed    626

I've been checking out a lot of mock drafts, which is what I like to do when we have a slim to no chance of making the playoffs. Anyway, with the transition of the league turning to passing, a lot of drafts have 3 QB's in the top 5, and 4 in the top 10...

In saying that, we are destined to get a top prospect and most likely a #1 at a position of need while other teams look for QB's.

You have Luck, Barkley, RGIII, and L. Jones in the top 10 possibly.

At top 5 with 3 QB's going, we would have our choice of either a top CB, OL, or WR...whatever the coaches think is warranted.

Even at #6-10, we are in a great position to maybe get a #1 CB/DT/LB, or #2 OL/WR

Should be fun to watch this play out.

The Sexy Pick: WR - Justin Blackmon


The Brother from the Same Mother : OL - Matt Kalil


The Ballhawk: CB - Morris Claiborne


The Needed Run-Stopper: DT - Devon Still (Edited from B. Thompson)




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Darth Biscuit    12,582

Gotta go with boobs... they're always the bpa.

I was thinking about the draft today watching that #7 for LSU return that punt. Be nice to get a good returner in the 3rd or 4th round...

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Jesse    751

It's a lock we'll get one of those 4. Rivera needs to think D though, so I'm thinking he'll go with Claiborne.

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CarolinaNCSU    5,234

Claiborne or Kalil. WR is not a big enough need and we just drafted 2 DT's who the staff like so I doubt we go back there early. Either Kalil or Claiborne and I'm a happy panda. Agreed we also need to draft a return guy because I'm not seeing Pilares or Armanti being the long-term option.

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Lout    186

I don't think it's a 'lock' that we draft one of these guys.. a lot of things can change between now and then.. also, you just never know who Rivera will fall in love with.

Some other guys that could be options are:

Quinton Coples

Zach Brown

Reilly Rieff (who grades out better than Kalil by many scouts)

Dre Kirkpatrick

Devon Still

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Cat'sGrowl    1

I'm not overly in love with any of those players, tbh.

Thompson at this point is a mid second round pick. Blackmon is a nice prospect, but there is a whole crop of FA WR's this year and I'd rather we addressed that need that way. Kalil isn't even a lock to come out from the way it sounded on college gameday this morning. Besides, if we were in love with the idea of drafting an OT in the first, I'd rather move back and grab Reiff and our 3rd back. As for Claiborne, I hate the idea of drafting him.

CB is too deep in this years draft to spend a first round pick on one. There are guys who will go in this years draft in the third round who could make a case for first round selections on other years.

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carpanfan96    1,468

The team could take an OLB, but that's also a deep class this year. I know some people don't understand and don't view it as a need, but for where the Panthers are picking. The value and BPA would be Coples.

He's a big guy at 6-6, 285; has the frame to add 15-20 pounds, is strong at the POA and is really good against the run and pass. He's an upgrade over Hardy long term and gives the team a nice tandum of DE's and allows the team the ability to put Johnson, Hardy and Coples on the field on Passing downs. On top of all that he can play any spot along the dline because of his strength and ability to attack the POA.

Or trade back, which isn't always possible.

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davos    3,855

The amount of time between now and the draft makes it very hard to project even the top 3. Last year at this point it was Luck, Fairley, & Prince being named around that top 5.

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