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Just say NO! to drafting a CB in the 1st.

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I also thinks Mo Claiborne will be better then Peterson Coverage wise in the NFL. Mo is an Overall better CB but the Athlete is Patrick Peterson. The only problem I have with Mo claiborne is that he needs to add more weight and tackle better. If we are picking 5 overall and he is there then we should take him. If we feel like we can trade down and add more picks and still be able to pick up Morris then that's a deal.

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    • You don't see white people glorifying thug life and blaming the police when they get caught. I had a juvi tell me straight up that he believed he was a man now cause he shot somebody. Tell me what's the problem with that. Clearly it's the police? Right??
    • And I've been in jails were there were literally no black people in them, violent or otherwise. Crime in general is a problem in poor communities and the black community is disproportionately poor, its not because black people or the culture is inherently violent. Regardless this is a separate issue and had nothing to do with police violence, unless you feel that violence against the poor is justified regardless of cause because poor people commit violent crimes and shouldn't be afforded equal protectiom
    • Coming from the guy pushing Seth Rich conspiracies because he saw it on a message board