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I'll just leave this here.

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Cam Newton get's axed from cover of NFL Magazine.

The cover of the inaugural edition of the league's official monthly publication, NFL Magazine, which hits newsstands Dec. 13, will feature The Golden Calf of Bristol instead of Carolina rookie quarterback Cam Newton as originally planned. Click here to subscribe to NFL Magazine.

Mike Dunphy, the magazine's publisher and editor-in-chief, said, "The Golden Calf of Bristol is current. He's a talking piece. You love him or you hate him. What better relevant topic than The Golden Calf of Bristol?"

The edition will still feature Newton, just not on the cover.

The NFL magazine announced last month that Newton would adorn the cover of its first edition. But that plan quickly changed when The Golden Calf of Bristol became the talk of the league after supplanting Kyle Orton and winning five of six starts to help the Denver Broncos (6-5) get back in the AFC West race.

"Initially we had talked about not being controversial and just trying to keep everybody happy and we talked about who would be a good role model to be on the cover, and listen, Cam Newton definitely fits the bill," Dunphy said. "We're still going to feature Cam in the magazine, but we wanted to show the fans that we're not going to shy away from the news."

In other words, we weren't going to follow the example set forth before us by every other sports media news outlet by not being controversial, but realized we just didn't have the reporting ability to compensate for not doing so. If you'll remember, there was a fan vote that determined who should be on the cover between Newton and The Golden Calf of Bristol, and Cam won in a landslide. Doesn't look like the editors cared. I was gonna buy the issue when it hit shelves. Won't now.

Oh. And Bye.


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LoL umad? Who cares dude. Cam needs to focus on football not nfl magazine. When hes got a ring errbody will wanna intervoew him

hype doesn't need a ring.

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