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Newton's 1 Yard Touchdown Runs

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 09:35 PM

[quote name='TheRealDeal']How do you feel if you are Stewart or Williams? Are you frustrated that he is taking away some of your Touchdowns? Does it play into your long term view of your future here? Are you happy to sacrifice your personal financial gain and accolades? Is winning all that matters?[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']You can't compare splitting touches then to splitting them now. They may have split them, but there were 40 to go around, not 20. Also, they got 100% of the goal line touches and probably around 90% of the touches inside the redzone. They were larger than life. They were double trouble. Now, they are nothing to anyone outside Carolina.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']I'm not talking about Redzone, just the 1 yard touchdowns. In the redzone, say outside the 5, Cam's talents should be utilized to the full extent and give the defense more things to worry about.

It's usually a reward for RBs to get those easy ones, but not on this team. I think it sends a little bit of a bad message to them and could come back to bite us with an aging Williams and a Stewart in his prime looking for a little more respect.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']That's the high school attitude to have but these are professionals, their job is to produce. You have to think Stew is auditioning for a job and would like his numbers to match his talent so he can earn that last payday before he's washed up.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']People around the league still know MJD is the biz but that team has absolutely no other talent on offense. We have talent on offense and our former dangerous backs are nothing more than an afterthought now.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']I guess we'll see in the long run.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']Agreed lol. Now how do you feel as a feature back that throws most of the time and when you get to the goal line, lets the QB run it in? Not great I'd imagine.

I'm sure they'd rather have 7 more carries and 7 more TDs but oh well. As long as everyone loves Cam and we get 4 wins a year (all against backup QBs), I'm sure Stew will be plenty happy when his contract is up.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']This isn't about Cam. It's not his fault the coaches call his number, unless he changes like he did in the NC to try and call his own number to get the glory.

Cam is doing everything asked of him and doing it well. It's more about the state of our team going forward. What message is the staff and FO sending to the team? Will this message lead to superbowls in the near future?[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']Starting QBs; QB When we played them

McCown; Gabbert
Grossman; Beck
P. Manning; Painter
Freeman; Johnson[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']It's like you guys read my posts and want them to say something they don't.

I'm 100% behind Cam Newton.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']lol any way to rationalize that makes you feel better is okay with me, i just wanted to point out that fact.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']Fact: Lakers are much better when Kobe has less than 20 shot attempts.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']So you're saying you believe Cam is always calling his number because he doesn't trust his teammates to get in the endzone?

Agreed. Kobe is arguably the best player to ever play the game but sometimes it's best for those guys to let their role players play their role and only turn it on when they have to, like Matt Moore is doing in Miami.

Shaq has always needed a dominant guard to even be relevant in the NBA. Without Kobe, no one knows who Shaq is.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']I forgot how sensitive you people are to that scumbag that is Jordan.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']Kobe won with guys you wouldn't select for a pickup game at your local gym.

Shaq needed elite talent around him (Kobe, Wade) to be relevant. Don't get it twisted, they were always Kobe's team.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']I'd pick up Lamar just because he's funny as hell but that's about it.

Michael got his father murdered.[/QUOTE]

[quote name='TheRealDeal']You don't have to believe it, but you should.

I'd take a guy who banged out some slutty hotel maid over a guy put the final nail in his father's coffin any day.[/QUOTE]

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 09:38 PM

I will give TRD this: he makes a thread and it gets 100+ responses without fail

I don't even know if Fiz has that kind of ability

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 10:31 PM

He is like a Shock Jock. You either agree or disagree, but people feel the need to comment. He actually isn't nearly as bad as before but he pissed people off to such an extent and because it wasn't "policed" early enough almost everything he does provokes a response one way or another. I don't think this makes his top 25 inflamatory/trolll/thought provoking/realist/..whatever thread.

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 10:52 PM

panthers destroy a division rival 38-19

trd: "guys what kind of message is this sending to the team?"

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Posted 06 December 2011 - 11:49 AM

I will give TRD this: he makes a thread and it gets 100+ responses without fail

I don't even know if Fiz has that kind of ability

People love to read what I write.

panthers destroy a division rival 38-19

trd: "guys what kind of message is this sending to the team?"


We did destroy them 38-19 but they didn't have the future of NFL QBs and a borderline elite QB, according to everyone here pre draft, that is Freeman and their DLine was something out of a zombie movie with all those injuries.

Another win over a backup QB. 4-1 this year when that happens.