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In 3 weeks I will be put to my death.

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A Mississauga woman says she'll be the victim of an honour killing by her estranged husband, a Muslim extremist, when she's deported to Pakistan at the end of the month.

Roohi Tabassum, 44, says Faisal Javed, a businessman and Sunni community leader, will be waiting for her in their native Pakistan when she's sent back on April 28.

Tabassum said she's received written threats from Javed, who's outraged she's employed in a Mississauga beauty salon where she styles the hair of women and men.


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but but but but

Aren't we supposed to respect and tolerate other cultures?

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Tabassum was smuggled into Canada from the U.S. in 2001 and filed an unsuccessful refugee claim. An appeal also was unsuccessful.

I guarantee you that if this was a Mexican illegal in the US that was going to be killed in gang violence when they were shipped back to Mexico, those of you that have a problem with this wouldn't be so vocal... You see the words "Muslim extremist" and immediately get emotional the way that the author of the article, and the US government, want you too...

I feel for the lady... I really do... But, her life decisions are shaping her fate... We all have to face the music and the consequences of our actions at some point...

There are ways of legally entering a country...

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Yeah, I guess she deserves what's coming to her then.

Not really...

What's coming to her is what has been set up by her past actions...

If she were that afraid, she could have gone about things the right way and became a legal citizen of some other country...

I have pity for her, and I hope nothing bad happens... but at the same time, I don't agree with her methods...

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