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Smitty's taking the WRs with him to Hawaii

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Veteran wideout Steve Smith, who earned his fifth Pro Bowl berth last week, surprised the team's receivers by telling him he was paying for them to come to Honolulu with him. Smith, who finished fifth in the league with 1,394 receiving yards, said his teammates did not believe him initially.

“They kind of looked at each other, and I said, 'I'm serious,'” Smith said. “Once they got the call from my travel agent, they kind of knew it was for real.”

Smith surpassed Mushin Muhammad this season as the franchise leader in receptions (699) and receiving yards (10,278). But he said his success was a group effort.

“All those guys ran routes to get me open. At times they took it for the team and ran some clear-out routes for me,” Smith said. “For me to sit here and say I did it on my own and all that stuff, it's unfair. This is an opportunity for me to thank them and enjoy as a group the success that we all played a part in.”

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Classy move by Smitty.

Should send some of his maturity pills over to Peter King - maybe he'll grow some tact.

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Dear Panther Fan, your athletic, fast, amazing, loudmouth, thug of a wide receiver does need an attitude adjustment. This guy turns on his own team mates for crying out loud. No matter how good this guy is, he would have no place on Sean Payton's team. I starting reading this forum during the game and was sick of reading how dirty our team is. Just because Harper hit him late in the end zone last meeting you think our team is dirty. He did this because your loudmouth wr chopped somebody earlier in the game. I can honestly say there is not a classier team in the nfl. Laugh at that statement all you want, but there is not one of you Panther fans would love to have our players, coach and our brilliant minds in the front office. Just admit it. I read things like, "Saints suck" or " they will lose in the first round" or " their defense sucks". Well, 13-3 is pretty damn good and I would take that every year. You guys certainly would. This Saints team is here to stay ladies, so you better get used to it. What kind of scumbag would talk shiz to a head coach. The Falcons made fools of themselves last week on mnf whining about how we ran up the score. You should be thanking us or the Panthers would be the team linked to Brees history. Well, you guys go out and make fools of yourselves too. Talking shiz, acting like you scored a td when you just completed a 7 yd pass for 1st down. Hilarious!! Well crybabies, enjoy the offseason while we win our second Lombardi. And to all of you who think we won't, just watch. We have geniuses playing and coaching the Saints so just sit back and enjoy the Lombardi is in the nfl south.

The fans that support Sissy Boys rant at an opposing teams coach, are the worst kind of fans.

His actions were those of a spoiled little boy and those defending him are no better. I am not a Saints fan and could give a rats butt about the Panthers, but as a father and a Scout master, spending my spare time trying to be a positive influence on tomorrow’s leaders, I detest actions like those of Mr. Smith..If you are an adult, you would too.

It is a dang shame that adult men get so caught up in a GAME that they would defend Smith’s immature behavior.

Mr. Smith does not play with "passion". He plays like a professional, and acts like a spoiled little girl


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