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Boo's End of Season Huddle Tailgate Pics Thread

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So sad that the season is over and we won't see each other every Sunday until August!!

The other guys in different cities put up their tailgate pics, so I started this season with a mission to take some in order to put something together at the end of the season. I messaged just about all of you for your permission, but if you don't want your pics up here, I will be more than happy to take them down.

There are too many pics to fit in one post, so more to come in following posts.

Had a blast this year as always, special thanks go out to:

  • mush for organization with the tailgates and donations/bikes, etc.
  • Zod for making it all possible
  • All the Huddlers who donated and chipped in to sponsor tailgates and give us the ability to do it up every Sunday.
  • MadHatter for keeping things entertaining to say the least
  • Bo for all the jello shots
  • Bill for the Meade
  • Alvarez for the interesting liquor drinks he concocted each Sunday
  • Skew for being his super awesome self every week

I enjoyed meeting all the people who came this year and hopefully next year will be just as, if not more successful.

Go Panthers!


Skew looking at me like I just said something extremely crazy



Packers Game:

Jase, MrsJase, and Johnny Rockets (for once, not photobombing)


Boys hangin out with Ranucci while the food was cookin




MadHatter's pre-game/underneath Panthers gear shirt in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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Looks like fun. I'll get myself to one at some point.

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Is Mrs. Jase a Pack fan? Yellow shirt and green purse??

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BMo telling Mush whatsup...I think this is the Jags game


Hangin out eating some delicious Ranucci's


Ranucci, mush and someone in deep conversation. Very srs.


Skew with the most giant plate of nachos evar


Redskins Game!! Pantherschic it was great meeting you!


Biscuit and Kurbz messin around

Bicuit, MPF, and Teh Kurbz...great meeting you MPF!

JR and Zcustom with JRs famous Sambuca


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MadHatter with his boobie support ribbons on each bewb.


Not sure what's going on here but I see one person I knoooow


Teh Kurbz pimpin it with the ladies....except for the frowny face...props to MPF for the pic.

Edit: Sorry, this is MPF, Kurbz, boo, and MrsZcustom aka FireNIce iirc


JR and MPF chest bumping.....with Kurbz photobombing



MPF, ZCustom, and myself...great seeing you guys!!


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Its always funny to see faces with the names

Kurb be tall

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see.. hawt chicks don't post on message boards...

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Johnny Rockets doin what he does best....photobombing


Ladies of teh huddlez minus a few (Wish we coulda had Cat, LiaG and PL too)


MPF is a beast!!


Skew, Mush, and Boo


Great pic of the guys at the Atlanta game getting ready to take all the bikes to the front gate for Toys for Tots donation. MadHatter sitting up on top of the back with Santamush driving the truck


Somewhat badass pic of the guys heading out to donate the bikes.


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That's all the pics I have, if you guys have any more from your own collection, please post!!

See y'all next season!

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Once you see the faces, you can't unsee them! Haha. Oh how I wish I lived in Charlotte for the football season and in San Diego for the summer. My lifelong goal will now be to make it to a CarolinaHuddle tailgate.

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