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Your Top 15 Panthers of ALLTIME

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 08:44 PM

Julius was with the franchise for almost a decade. If he was upset over JR telling him to be a leader then he's nothing but a baby. If he wasn't humble enough to realize that maybe he could step it up while wiping his ass with the 100 million dollars Hurney was about to pay him, then good riddance.

at the end of his stay in Carolina you would always seem throwing his hands up in the air on 3rd downs to get the crowd and defense pumped, and on the side line he would be more social... Only thing he was upset about was being on a team who was on the road to no were, i mean Carolina offered him a lot more then Chicago did.

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:14 PM

I remember we did this a few years back with our top 5 favorite all time Panthers. I decided today it is definitely time to make a new list and I put some good thought into this task. I created this new list based on personal “favoritism.” I realize there are several newer players on this list, but I am a younger guy (I did not even know what the NFL was until the Panthers started playing in 1995) and it’s always easier to remember the more recent stuff.

I took some of the comments from my forum profile page (I denoted these with background:) that I made back from the last time (sometime in 2009-2010).

Top 15 All-time Panthers:
#1 DeAngelo Williams – I love watching DeAngelo run; he’s elusive and he can take any run to the end zone. I cannot watch anything but him when I think it’s going to be a run. I am happy we got him the extension he deserved last year. Background: I have loved him at Memphis since he was a freshman. When I was in college, I always used him on NCAA PS2 games and he was absolutely dirty. My friends always wondered why I would choose Memphis prior to the game, but afterwards, they always knew who DeAngelo Williams was and they always wanted to be Memphis next time too. Considering what I knew about DeAngelo, I thought he was going to be a top 5 draft pick in the draft (as he was initially projected to be), meaning we had no chance, but somehow he fell to us at the bottom of the 1st round.

#2 Wesley Walls – Walls was an underrated Panther and underrated TE in NFL history—he was outstanding. He was a key to our offense and he made up almost the entirety of our red zone offense from 1996-2001. He made 5 out of 6 probowls during those years. I hated seeing him injured the last few years, but he still gave his all. Growing up playing football, he inspired me to want to play the tight end position.

#3 Julius Peppers - I hated seeing him go, but I appreciate everything he did for the team and he will always be one of my favorite Panthers (I do not care for watching him since he left the team). Background: I am a huge Tar Heel Football fan and I saw him emerge in the late 1990s. He took over games at UNC. In one game against Texas, it was pretty much Julius against their offense and he almost beat them singlehandedly. He forced multiple fumbles, got a pick, and scored a touchdown on a long fumble return. Seeing a DE take over games was unprecedented in my football watching career. He reminded me of film of Lawrence Taylor, but when he put in the effort or it was a crucial game time, it looked like he was even better. I also loved seeing him play on the UNC basketball team and in the Final Four. I could not believe the Panthers were so fortunate to get him in 2002. He was the blessing of the 1-15 season and it was well worth watching the Panthers find a new way to lose every week in order to have him. I thought he was the key to our defense while he was here. Even when he did not get the sacks, he got the attention of the other team and their game plan usually reflected so. I will always remember his fg/xp blocks, dominating sacks, and the picks (and returns) against Denver and the Falcons (on that Sunday night game).

#4 Dan Morgan – When he was healthy, there were not many better linebackers to play the game. His Super Bowl performance was phenomenal (I have seen 18 tackles confirmed, but I always remember it being 25...). Unfortunately for Dan, he could never stay healthy and he seemed so dang unlucky. I remember quickly into his rookie season, he broke his leg as a result of the turf’s poor condition in the game against the Packers. I wonder what his career would have been like had he just stayed healthy. I did not see him play much when he was in college, but looking back, his performance at Miami was extraordinary. I will always remember being at Ericsson Stadium and seeing his recovery of Pepper’s forced fumble against Baltimore to start the 2002 season. Jack Del Rio ran down the sideline to greet Peppers and Morgan and I knew it was the start of something great. I’ve tried to model my life after what I saw in Dan—give all my effort to anything I do, but still be the likable ordinary guy no matter my situation.

#5 Cam Newton – Similar to what Lebron James did for the Cavs, Cam has brought super-star power to the Panthers. I had no idea who Cam Newton was going into the 2010 college football season, but I started hearing more and more about this guy as Auburn kept winning. In the buildup to the 2011 draft, I was expecting Luck to come out and us to draft him #1. When Luck decided to stay in school, I was disappointed, but as soon as I started hearing we were considering Cam, I wanted him, especially after having to watch the dismal QB play the year before. I have always wanted us to have a dual threat QB, but I never thought we would get such a remarkable athlete who executes both the run and pass so well. He is a nightmare for defenses in the red zone. Cam will revolutionize the game and I think we are all lucky to witness his play first hand. Similar to Peppers, Cam made the despair of the preceding season worth it. As long as he is loyal to the team, I believe Cam likely ends up being #1 on my list.

#6 Jake Delhomme – From the moment he entered the huddle in that game against Jacksonville in 2003, Jake had “it.” He is a gritty leader and made everyone else around him play better. He led countless comebacks (I especially loved the one against the Chargers a few years back) and gave his all whenever on the field. I hated seeing his demise after the Cardinals playoff game, but it was obvious something changed in his mental demeanor (I think there was some stuff going on in his personal life too) and it looked like his accuracy was never the same after the elbow injury. Overall, Jake is someone you either loved or hated and I will always love the guy.

I loved the following situation and Jake’s quote:

Delhomme was seen standing on the field during the Patriots' post-game celebration; he later commented:

“I wanted to catch up to the moment of what it feels like to be on the other side, to be on this side, the losing side. To let it sink in, to hurt, so when we start practice in the fall, the two-a-days and there are days during the season when I’m tired and I want to go home, but I need to watch that extra film. I want to get back there, but I want to get on the other side of that field. They rope you off, the losing team basically. I just want to get on the other side of that rope. I just wanted to watch and let it sink in and hurt a little bit. When I have a tough day, I’ll just think about that feeling and it will make me dig down just a little deeper.”

—on losing the Super Bowl

#7 Kevin Greene – He also brought star power to the Panthers--I remember when we signed him before the 1996 season. I loved his attitude and demeanor. He was a sack artist. Isn’t he #3 all-time on sacks? It was exciting to watch our D when he was paired with Lathon on the other side.

#8 Steve Beuerlein – Underrated QB--our offense put up a ton of points with him at the helm. Everyone on the team loved him and he’s just a good guy. Like Jake, he made others around him better. I felt horrible with his departure in the Jeff Lewis + Seifert fiasco.

#9 Chris Gamble – I am extremely happy with his late resurgence. I was getting worried about him in Fox’s last year, but I knew it was likely a motivational thing. Background: He caught my eye at Ohio State. He played both ways for the majority of a season and you don't see that much anymore. He was an amazing talent in college at both WR (his more natural position) and Cornerback. I was shocked to see him fall to us at the bottom of the 1st round. I thought he was a top 10 talent, but thankfully, his rawness at the CB position caused him to drop in the 1st round and we did not let him fall any farther. He has been great so far in the NFL and will get even better as time goes on and he further matures into the position. He has taken way too much flack from the common Panther fan who does not understand the CB position or his background.

#10 Jon Beason – He would be higher up the list, but he’s had an uphill battle trying to replace Dan Morgan as my favorite MLB. I love Jon’s energy and attitude—he gives it his all when he is on the field. He defines “on the field leader.” I hated to see him tear his Achilles (I don’t like the similarity to Morgan), but I think that if there is anybody that can recover, it’s this Beast. I just hope he can quickly get back to All-pro form. I bought an authentic Beason jersey last year after he signed the contract extension (cruddy timing). Background: I had no idea who Jon Beason was in college and this irked me when I saw his name called in the draft, since I consider myself a big college football fan. I wanted Greg Olsen and I was thrilled at the trade down because I thought this meant we were getting the TE later in the 1st round. Needless to say, I was pretty upset and surprised at seeing Beason's selection. After his rookie season, I was not upset anymore. Beason is such a player that he helped ease the replacement of one of my all-time favorites in Dan Morgan. Beason is a natural leader and football player

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:15 PM

Had to put it on two posts since I went over the maximum length:

#11 Greg Olsen – I loved this guy at Miami. In college, I thought he would be one to help revolutionize the tight end position. He is a speedy and witty wide receiver with bulk, similar to Kellen Winslow (the first) and Dallas Clark. I think he does the other important tight end duty (blocking) better than those two stars. I was initially disappointed when we missed out on him in the draft, and a little relieved when he fumbled against us so many times as a Bear, but I stared wishing we had him again when I saw him break out last year with the Bears. I cannot believe how fortunate the Panthers were to get this guy and how lucky of a fan I am. All my favorite college players somehow seem to get here.

#12 Jordan Gross – I loved the value in him as a draft pick. After Steussie started declining, we needed an anchor on the left side. Jordan has fulfilled that role perfectly and he is also a great team leader. I loved him organizing workouts last year when it appeared the lockout would lift. You can tell he cares about his teammates and winning. He will always be remembered as an all-time Panther great—hopefully he can be a part of several more winning Panther teams.

#13 Sam Mills – Keep pounding. Sam is a hero of our franchise. I should probably have him higher on this for the precedents he set for this franchise and because of his leadership, but my background towards him and his play on the field (at least during his Panther years) did not stand out as much compared to my other favorites. Still, he made many outstanding plays and his effort was always there. He’s the definition of a great guy.

#14 Patrick Jeffers – He had the shortest Panther career of any player on my list. I loved this guy when he came over from the Cowboys and emerged as a Panther star in 1999. If not for his knee injury in the preseason of 2000 and the unfortunate effects of micro-fracture surgery, I think he would have done great things for the Panthers for a long, long time. He was an excellent route runner, had outstanding hands, and he wanted to win more than anybody. I hated seeing his career end so early.

#15 Matt Moore – Background: Matt Moore caught my eye at Oregon State soon after he became the starter to follow Derek Anderson. He played great at this little watched school (at least on the East Coast), especially in a bowl game, where I saw him lead an amazing 4th quarter comeback. I was surprised to see us get him off waivers after the Cowboys dropped him. He reminds me of Jake in being a natural leader and gunslinger. His first NFL pass was a completed 40+ yard bomb in relief of David Carr—it was definitely a good way to start. I was sad to see him go in 2011, but his replacement more than made up for it.

Honorable Mentions:

Steve Smith - Production speaks for itself; love his competitive spirit, but I dislike his attitude otherwise; although he has grown up a ton in the last few years. I will always remember him taking his first NFL play (a kickoff return) for a touchdown against the Vikings in 2001. After that game, considering Steve’s play and Weinke’s apparent poise, I thought it was going to be an amazing season.

Lamar Lathon - Lamar and Greene were quite a pair of 3-4 OLBs

Mushin Muhammad - what a year he had in 2004; glad he came back to us to retire

Jeremy Shockey - Hope we can re-sign him; I love his style and competitive spirit

Brad Hoover – Always gave 110%; will never forget his MNF game against Green Bay

Freddie Lane - his first few runs in the NFL were electric and it appeared he was going to be a star; loved him doing the worm

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:24 PM

Reggie White because he seemed like an awesome dude.

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:31 PM

I don't know what your little crush is on the man, but it's quite amusing. You make a post chock full of generalized statements and try to pass that off a decent post.
I never once mentioned anything about Julius' talent in regards to his leadership or lack thereof. His selfishness is what earned him the justified wrath of the fanbase. A generalized remark stating that Richardson made a mistake calling out your boyfriend doesn't mean everyone disagreed with the move.

Perhaps Richardson wanted to see how Julius would respond? Perhaps the owner of the team didn't overvalue a selfish player and was desperate to keep him if he didn't grow up and become a leader. You assume that everyone thinks as you do, that we percieve Julius aa some elite talent who we should have made all the stops to keep here and coddled him and his boyish feelings at every whim.

Perhaps our owner grew tired of Julius acting like a boy and tried one last time to see if he could reach him-and poor ole Jul-wius didn't wike someone telling him to grow up.

If you can't "force" someone into manning up and becoming a team player then you take the next logical step-you make them leave. Julius wasn't overpaid because Julius wasn't worth keeping. Your crush for him doesn't change that. Letting him sit around and being treated like a 21 year old rookie isn't an option for this franchise. Steve Smith took critiism for years for his perceived lack of leadership. The ony difference was that he didn't whine publically and he certainly did not have a problem being corrected by those above him. Poor little Julius did.

Not a crush. I just understand football. I also realize the players are business men first and foremost.....they can and will decide to move on.

You on the other hand apply the "I just got dumped by the hot girl so now I will call her a *****" logic with Peppers. He moved on.....deal with it.

Steve Smith rightfully got criticism.....he is a child in many ways. Much more so than Peppers here. But he opted to stay....so you don't use child logic with him.

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:32 PM

My favorite 15:

15.Dan Morgan
14.Ricky Manning Jr-Still remember those INT's he came up with in the Philly NFCCG
13.Rod "He Hate Me" Smart
12.Will Weatherspoon
11.Brad Hoover
10.Muhsin Muhammed
9.Deshaun Foster
8.Deangelo Williams
7.Jonathan Stewart
6.Thomas Davis
5.Jon Beason
4.Cam Newton
3.Chris Gamble
2.Julius Peppers
1.Steve Smith

I started watching football/the Panthers in 2001, so my list isn't going to include past panthers

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:34 PM

1. Steve Smith
2. Jake Delhomme
3. Jon Beason
4. Deangelo Williams
5. Moooooooooooose
6. Dan Morgan
7. Mike Minter
8. Cam----pretty remarkable after one season he is in my top ten- should be in top five by the end of next year
9. Ryan Kalil
10. Chris Gamble
11. Jonathan Stewart
12. Thomas Davis
13. Julius Peppers
14. Kris Jenkins
15. Brad "Mountain Cat" Hoover
16. Jordan Gross
17. Sam Mills
18. Mike Rucker
19. Nick Goings
20. Stephen Davis

yea i know you didn't ask for 20, bite me

honorable mention Brentson Buckner- i just loved our Superbowl line

fug forgot ricky proehl

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:35 PM

at the end of his stay in Carolina you would always seem throwing his hands up in the air on 3rd downs to get the crowd and defense pumped, and on the side line he would be more social... Only thing he was upset about was being on a team who was on the road to no were, i mean Carolina offered him a lot more then Chicago did.


If you were in his spot....Carolina looked to be a spot vs other options. Why would Peppers want to sign up with year 1 being a lame duck season and there would be no way to predict the direction we would be headed. If you take your fandom out of it....you can understand him moving on for many reasons. It happens. He gave us good years, moved on, and we moved on.....no need crying and putting him down bc he didn't want to dance with you anymore

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:52 PM

Julius' large contract offer was retracted. The offer was no longer on the table.
You also seem to be making the assumption most Julius butt-lickers make when they can't fathom someone not squealing for their mighty Julius to come home:

I didn't want him to come back. I cannot be upset that he left, if I didn't want him here. I don't want those kind of players affiliated with our team-and ownership obviously didn't either.

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:57 PM

I don't think i like 15 Panther players but i did love Walls and Greene.


Ricky Proehl
Steve Beuerlein

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 10:00 PM

easier to list the ones I dislike...

Kerry Collins
Rae Carruth
Keyshawn Johnson

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 10:00 PM

I don't think i like 15 Panther players but i did love Walls and Greene.


Ricky Proehl
Steve Beuerlein

then why are you posting on a panther forum

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Posted 12 January 2012 - 01:29 AM

easier to list the ones I dislike...

Kerry Collins
Rae Carruth
Keyshawn Johnson


I actualy liked Key.

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Posted 12 January 2012 - 01:52 AM

just a list, in no order:

Sam Mills
Lamar Lathan
Wesley Walls
Steve Smith
Chad Cota
Mike Minter
Brad Hoover
Chris Gamble
Julius Peppers
Kris Jenkins
Norberto Davidds-Garrido (only because the rumors that he bashed in Kerry Collins' face)
Deangelo Williams
Jon Beason
Jake Delhomme

HM: Dan Morgan, Spoon, Mike Rucker, Mark Fields
Best 1 season wonders: Ricky Manning, Jr, Patrick Jeffers, Anthony Johnson

Cam will break the list when he matures a little more.

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Posted 12 January 2012 - 04:23 AM

Peppers didn't want to contribute to the organization beyond what he was being paid for. He seemed to do much better when a pay bonus was an option and in contract seasons. To me it is childish to "do just enough" when you are at the top of the world in your profession. He was being paid too much for a small market team, not only because of Hurney's desperation to keep him, but because Peppers wanted money more than he wanted to go beyond the limit of his contract and help the organization. Was he wrong to do that? No, he was not - he was looking out for himself. But one would like to see more character from a guy making THAN much money (taking that much of the limited organization's resources) and who has been given nothing but the best of support from the organization and the fans. I don't hold any grudge, but as a fan of Julius Peppers, I'm going to give him what he gave me - just enough.

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