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2012 Mock offseason trades

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Discuss trades, and post trading blocks into this thread.


Trading and free agency will commence on Saturday, January 28th 12:01 PM EST. Trade blocks and negotiations before then is OK, but no finalized deals can be posted.

All deals should be negotiated through PMs. Once an agreement has been met, each GM needs to update their depth chart/draft picks and list the new trade in this thread.

There will be a maximum of 3 player trades for each team.

Each trade can include a maximum of two players total. Not two players on each team but for the entire trade.

Only one top end player in each trade, don't try trading two pro-bowlers at once. One elite player for draft picks and a role player, for example, is fine.

Only 2012 draft picks can be traded.

No trading of players acquired through our Free Agency bidding system. You can however trade a player you franchise tagged.

No trading "core" or star players unless there's a very good reason.

Vetoes: Anyone can add their input to veto a trade. If you see a trade that you feel is questionable bring it up in this thread. Overall, just follow the guidelines and try to make semi-realistic trades.

Pick-for-pick trades: Teams can make an unlimited amount of pick-for-pick trades. All trades have to be reasonably fair according to the Draft Pick Value Chart.

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The NY Football Giants offer their 6th and 7th round picks for your 5th round pick.

See a player on my roster you have interest in? Hit me up.

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reserved for the pats.

trading block:

WR Chad Ochocinco looking for a 7th rounder or DE.

WR Julian Edlemen looking for 6th or 7th rounder or DE.

QB Brian Hoyer.

1st round draft picks.

accepting offers on anyone................but Brady, Gronk, Wilfork, Mayo, and Welker.

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Darelle Revis

Nick Mangold

D'Brickashaw Ferguson

David Harris

Trading Block

Santonio Holmes

Antonio Cromartie

Calvin Pace

Anyone not under Untouchable or officially on the trading block feel free to send offers!!

*Also, the Jets are looking to move up in the first round of the draft, so please pm any offers you have if you are looking to move back*

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